Remove Pet Hair From Floors and Furniture

When you have pets, the hair can seemingly take on a life of its own, moving about a room and clinging to surfaces. Static electricity is the culprit. Follow these do’s and don’ts to get your pet hair problem under control. 

remove pet hair from furniture with an electrostatic cloth

1. DON’T use a feather duster or a plain dust rag. You’ll just end up moving the dust around the room without picking up a significant amount. 

2. DO use an electrostatic or microfiber cloth, particularly when dusting surfaces that can’t get wet. These cloths help attract particles and even very fine pet fur.

3. DO use a dusting spray (with a plain cotton rag) on wood and other surfaces that can get wet. Or, dampen a plain cotton rag (an old t-shirt works well) with diluted fabric softener. 

4. DON’T vacuum your hard surface floors. Depending on the design of your vacuum, the exhaust air it emits may just send the particles swirling about.

5. DO use a Swiffer—the pads attract hair and particles. For a more eco-friendly and wallet-friendly approach, use an electrostatic cloth instead of a Swiffer pad.