• Real talk about health
    Marianna Milkis-Edwards
    Brooklyn, NY

    "Ten minutes of daily meditation in the morning helps me stay focused when it's dark and moody outside. I also work out religiously 5 times a week to chase away winter lethargy."

  • Real talk about cooking advice
    Nikki C.
    Dracut, MA

    "Use a spoon when you're cooking scrambled eggs. Keep bringing the spoon from the edges of the pan back to the middle, and you get beautiful fluffy eggs!

  • Real talk about cooking advice
    Jackie G.

    "I love to sauté fresh zucchini, summer squash, bell peppers and red onion in avocado oil with a hint of garlic. Add them to cooked quinoa for a great side dish!"

  • Real talk about cleaning
    Barrie M.

    "Make cleaning easier by doing something everyday! I make a list of what I need to do each week, such as sweep on Mondays or vacuum on Tuesdays."

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