Halloween Face Paint Ideas: Day of the Dead Skull

This elaborate design looks great with just a simple turtleneck. Insta-costume!

day of the dead skull face paint how to

Start With These Basic Supplies:

  1. Water-activated makeup works best. Mehron Prisma BlendSet, $13; rickysnyc.com.
  2. Add details with brushes like these. Essential eye set, $8 for 5 brushes; ecotools.com.
  3. Use a sponge to cover the face with makeup. Cosmetic wedges, DG Body, $2 for 28; at dollargeneral.com. ($5 OFF a $25 pretax purchase, code: Text ALLYOU to 34898. Expires: 12/31/14)
  4. Remove makeup easily with wipes. Simple cleansing facial wipes, $6 for 25; walmart.com.

You'll Also Need:

  • Spray bottle with water
  • Water-activated makeup in white, maroon, black, purple and pink
  • Makeup sponge
  • Round brush
  • Eyeliner brush
  • Optional: water-activated makeup in yellow and red


1. Before using each color of makeup, spritz it with water. Use a sponge to cover face in white makeup, leaving eyes and eyebrows uncovered. Apply a ring of maroon around eyes with a round brush, covering eyebrows. Use a sponge to cover eye are in black.

2. To make petals, use a round brush and purple makeup. Place brush next to maroon outline and use a short, quick stroke, about 3/4" long. Space petals about 3/4" apart. When you've finished adding petals, use a round brush to add a highlight of pink at tip of each petal. Outline each petal using eyeliner brush and black makeup. Repeat on other eye.

3. Use eyeliner brush and black makeup to draw a curved line from one sideburn to corner of mouth. Repeat on other side of face. Using an eyeliner brush, apply maroon or red makeup to fill in lips, starting from center and moving outward. Use eyeliner brush and black makeup to add vertical lines to mouth: Draw first line at center of lip, then add two more lines on either side. Repeat for bottom lip, starting at the center. Using same brush, draw a U-shaped line around tip of nose.

4. Add flowers (optional). Using a round brush and yellow makeup, paint a four-petal flower on center of forehead (use same brushstroke for petals as described in Step 2). Use round brush to add a purple center. Use eyeliner brush and red makeup to outline each petal. Repeat for each flower. Finish with curlicues along jawline, using red makeup and an eyeliner brush.