Halloween Face Paint Ideas: Kitty Cat

To finish this look, cut ears out of felt and glue them to a headband.

cat face paint how to

Start With These Basic Supplies: 

  1. Water-activated makeup works best. Mehron Prisma BlendSet, $13; rickysnyc.com.
  2. Add details with brushes like these. Essential eye set, $8 for 5 brushes; ecotools.com.
  3. Use a sponge to cover the face with makeup. Cosmetic wedges, DG Body, $2 for 28; at dollargeneral.com. ($5 OFF a $25 pretax purchase, code: Text ALLYOU to 34898. Expires: 12/31/14)
  4. Remove makeup easily with wipes. Simple cleansing facial wipes, $6 for 25; walmart.com.

You'll Also Need: 

  • Spray bottle with water
  • Water-activated makeup in white, brown, yellow, orange and blue
  • Round-tip brush • Makeup sponges
  • Pointer-tip brush (a medium tip, between round and fine)
  • Eyeliner brush
  • Fan-shaped makeup brush


1. Before using each color of makeup, spritz it with water. Use a round brush and white makeup to draw a thick line from inner eye corner, above eye and across outer end of eyebrow to hairline. Repeat for other eye. Make a short line just below outer corner of each eye. For muzzle, paint over top lip, extending slightly over cheeks.

2. Use corner of a sponge to dab brown makeup over eye area, just beneath white line. Repeat for other eye. Use a sponge and yellow makeup to cover forehead, nose bridge and tops of cheek apples.

3. Use a sponge and orange makeup to fill in remainder of face. Blend lightly with yellow. Using a pointer brush and brown makeup, paint a triangle for nose, add a highlight above white makeup on eyebrows, outline edges of white makeup below eyes and shade bottom edge of muzzle.

4. Using an eyeliner brush, paint a black vertical line from nose to middle of lip. Paint whiskers on each side of muzzle, then add a row of dots leading up to each whisker. Using brown makeup and a round brush, fill in bottom lip and add shadows along jawline. Switch to an eyeliner brush and brown makeup to outline tips of white paint at inner corner of each eye. Use pointer brush and blue makeup for stripes.