9 Ways to Save Money This Halloween

Halloween can get expensive–quickly! Try these easy, low-cost costume and decorating ideas to help you save some cash. 

get halloween for less this year

1. Try the thrift store for Halloween decorations

Pick up candlesticks, bowls and knick-knacks at the thrift store and coat with black spray paint for spooky-looking decorations on the cheap. 

2. Buy your least favorite candy

It’s hard to resist candy at Halloween—buy a type you don’t like, so you won’t have to replenish your stock before the trick or treaters come.

3. Organize a Halloween costume exchange

Kids outgrow their costumes yearly, so why not get friends and neighbors together for a costume swap?  

4. Decorate with free Halloween printables

Pinterest is a great source for free decorations. Just search “free Halloween printables” and you’ll come up with a whole slew of invitations, decorations, treat bags and more.  After you download just print and you’re ready to go. 

5. Make easy DIY Halloween candles

Buy several small glass candleholders and write a Halloween phrase―such as Boo or Beware―on them with black permanent marker. Light a votive inside each and line them up on your windowsills.

6. Give your Halloween punch a "hand"

Don't buy ice cubes for your Halloween party punch: Instead, freeze water in unpowdered (washed) surgical gloves. Peel the gloves off the ice, then submerge the ice in your punch bowl for a "chilling" effect.

7. Wait till the last minute to buy costumes

If your kids aren’t clamoring for a specific costume, wait till a few days before Halloween, when costume prices often drop. There might be slim pickings, but you can always make something work. 

8. Hit dollar stores and wholesale clubs

Stock up on plastic spiders, fake cobwebs, candy and treat bags from a local discount store. If you expect a lot of trick-or-treaters, go to a warehouse club for big bags of candy.

9. Check your closets for costume ideas

Have your daughter look through her dress-up trunk―maybe she can go as a princess or a 1950s girl. If you do need to hit the Halloween store, buy just the accessories rather than the whole costume. For example, purchase a pair of angel wings and a halo, and have her wear the plain white T-shirt and white pants she already has in her drawers.