Haunted Garden Ghost Family

Haunted Garden Ghost Family
  • Hammer or mallet
  • 3 dowels, 1 1/4" diameter: 7' (dad) 6' (mom) and 4' (child)
  • 3 Styrofoam balls: 10" (dad) 8" (mom) and 6" (child)
  • 2 dowels, 1/2" diameter: 3' lengths
  • Waterproof black marker or paint and brush
  • 1 piece thin wood, approximately 4" x 6"
  • Gaffer’s tape or nail
  • 3 white sheets, any size
  • Screw
  • Screwdriver
  • Scissors
  • Clothing accessories (we used a necktie, necklace and baseball cap)
  • Large safety pins


1. Hammer each 1 1/4" diameter dowel (dad, mom and child) into the ground, about 1' deep and 1 ½' apart. Push appropriate size Styrofoam ball down onto each dowel.

2. For child's arm: Place a 1/2" diameter dowel about 1' from child’s main dowel, and hammer into ground about a foot deep. Write “BOO” on piece of wood. Use tape or nail to attach “BOO” sign to remaining 1/2" diameter dowel.

3. Drape a sheet over each ghost.

4. For child ghost, swag sheet from head to hand. Place “BOO” dowel in front of "hand" (not touching the ground). Wrap excess sheet around dowel, as if sign was clasped in a hand (see photo). Screw into place, screwing through sheet, “BOO” dowel, sheet again and then "hand" dowel.

TIP: Poke small holes in sheet first so screw doesn’t cause it to twist.

5. When sheets are draped with no dowels showing, use marker or paint to draw eyes on each ghost.

6. Add accessories. Pin child's hat in place so it doesn’t blow away. Don’t cinch necktie or necklace too tight. The necklace probably won’t reach all the way around mom’s neck, so pin it to sheet.