Get the Most from Ground Beef

Learn all of the tricks and tips to cutting costs on supermarket meat

Save on Ground Beef

Freeze Smart
If you can't use meat within two days of buying it, put it in the freezer. Follow these rules for the best results:


Freeze it for the short term. If you're freezing meat for only a week or two, it's fine to put it away in its original packaging.

Freeze it for longer. Place meat in heavy-duty freezer bags, squeeze out the air, and label and date the package. Use within four months. Note: Small amounts, like 1-pound portions or 4-oz. patties, defrost more quickly.

Thaw it safely. Defrost meat in the refrigerator overnight. But if you forgot to plan ahead, place it in a sealed, watertight plastic bag and submerge it in cold water. Refresh the water every 30 minutes.

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