Get the Most from Ground Beef

Learn all of the tricks and tips to cutting costs on supermarket meat

Stretch Your Grocery Dollars
Try these tips to see extra savings on your grocery store ground beef.


Spread It Out
Think of ground beef as a seasoning instead of the main ingredient. Use mostly beans and only a little meat in chili. Add finely chopped eggplant to meat sauce for pasta. Your meals will be less expensive that way, and more creative.

Practice Portion Control
A food scale can prevent you from accidentally supersizing burgers: Weigh 4 ounces of raw beef—once it's cooked, you'll get a burger that's about 3 ounces. Pile on lettuce and tomato.

Punch Up the Flavor
Make even a small amount of meat seem bigger with bold flavors. Season generously with chili powder, soy sauce, garlic or cumin while browning.


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Photo credit: Flickr/ Danielle Scott