How to Can at Home and Save Money

Stock up and get canning to enjoy your favorite fruits and vegetables all year long!

How to Can

Summer brings a bounty of delicious produce, and you can save a bundle by growing your own, picking some at a local farm or buying it by the bushel from a farmer's market. Cut costs further by preserving fruits and vegetables in jars and cans. Here's how to enjoy the best of the season all year long at the lowest possible price.

What You'll Need:

•  A round metal rack that fits in the bottom of your pot (such as a canning rack* or cooling rack)
•  A large pot with a lid, at least 3 inches taller than your canning jars (such as a canner,* pasta pot or stock pot)
•  Canning jars and canning tongs*
•  A heavy-bottom, nonreactive pot made of a material such as enamel-coated cast iron or stainless steel
•  A small, heatproof bowl
•  Two or more clean kitchen towels
•  A wide-mouth funnel*
•  A ladle
•  A bubble tool,* chopstick or wooden skewer
•  Soft-tipped tongs or a lid lifter*

*Available at hardware and grocery stores

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