Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Our guide to customer service and questions about ALL YOU magazine and

ALL YOU Magazine

How can I contact customer service about my subscription?
To change your address, pay your bill, renew your subscription or take care of any other customer service concerns please click here. You can also call 866-212-9065 or write to ALL YOU at PO Box 62580, Tampa, FL 33662-5808.

How much is ALL YOU?

The cover price of ALL YOU is $2.99.

How often is ALL YOU published?

ALL YOU is published monthly.

Where can I buy ALL YOU?

In addition to all Walmart stores, you can now buy All You on newsstands everywhere you shop!  Click here for a complete list of where to buy.

Have questions about our free samples? Read our Free Sample FAQ here.

Can I get a subscription to ALL YOU?

Yes, you may subscribe to ALL YOU by clicking here. It takes 6-8 weeks for an order to be processed. If you have questions about your subscription, please click here.

Can I access articles or crafts from previous issues of ALL YOU?

If you'd like to submit a request for a previous article or craft, please click here.

What are Reality Checkers?

By joining our online community, you will receive our newsletter and you may get the opportunity to:

  • Share and receive tips and advice
  • Appear in ALL YOU magazine or on
  • Participate in surveys
  • Test new products for FREE
  • Have your voice heard

How do I become a Reality Checker for ALL YOU?

Read more about the Reality Checker program—and become a member!—by clicking here.

I live in Canada. Is ALL YOU available in Canada?

ALL YOU is only available in Canada by subscription. You may subscribe to ALL YOU by clicking here and each month we'll deliver the magazine right to your door.

How can I advertise in ALL YOU?

Please click here for advertising information:

I would like my product to be featured in ALL YOU. Who can I contact?

Please email and the request will be delivered to the correct editor.

I have a question about Daily Free Samples.

Here's the link to the FAQ:

Can I access recipes online from previous issues of ALL YOU?

Yes! You can find All You recipes online by using the search bar at the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

I have a question about printing coupons.

You can find answers to common coupon questions at the "Help" section of, or by clicking here.

Where can I sign up for ALL YOU's free e-newsletters?

You can sign up for all of ALL YOU's free newsletters by clicking here.

What is Grocery Deal Finder?

Grocery Deal Finder lets you browse both coupons and your local grocery circulars online, or search for deals and coupons in your stores based on your weekly shopping list. Read our FAQ

Where can I find ALL YOU's blog Daily Savings?