Decorate your table with pumpkins, pinecones and gold accents.


  • Newspaper  
  • Gold spray paint  
  • 5 or 6 pinecones  
  • Walnuts or almonds in shells  
  • 3 gold corsage leaves (available at craft stores) 
  • Gold glitter  
  • 2 pillar candles  
  • 2 glass hurricanes  
  • Turkey figurine (available at  
  • 3 small white pumpkins (available at  
  • Iron  
  • Wide ribbon, at least 4' long  
  • 1 bunch gold Ting branches (available at  
  • 1 bunch strawflowers
  1. Working over newspaper in a ventilated area, spray-paint pinecones, nuts and corsage leaves gold. While still wet, dust with glitter; let dry.
  2. Place candles inside hurricanes. Place turkey figurine in center of table and arrange pumpkins and hurricanes on either side.
  3. Iron ribbon. While warm, wrap around finger. Hold for a moment; uncurl. Arrange around pumpkins, hurricanes and turkey.
  4. Break off several 8" pieces of Ting branches and position on table.
  5. Scatter pinecones and nuts on table. Wrap wire corsage stems around pinky to curl; slide off. Slip one wire around each pumpkin stem.
  6. Tuck strawflowers loosely around base of hurricanes. Light candles.