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  1. "I wear a pedometer and check it frequently during the day. I set a goal and work toward beating it. When I don't walk, my energy level drops." ―Rebecca Jones, Forsyth, Mo.
  2. “I join Fitness Challenges at buddyslim.com, where teams work together to attain certain fitness or weight-loss goals. We chat and give one another boosters. When I share my goals with other people, I feel accountable.”―Anjanette Young, Reno, Nev.
  3. "When I eat well I feel healthy. Good meals consist of lots of plain fruits and veggies, whole grains and lean protein (fish or chicken), some milk, tea, lots of water and a couple of Dove dark chocolates. Getting back to basics makes all the difference in how I feel." ―Peggy A. Day, Lenexa, Kan.
  4. "I wrote motivational quotes on Post-Its and put them on the fridge, in the pantry, on the computer and on the TV. The best one is 'Don't Move...Don't Lose.' That gets me going." ―Nichol Woodard, Clute, Texas
  5. “Have an exercise buddy. My neighbor and I meet every morning at 5:45, year-round, to walk 3 miles. Knowing that she is going to be out there waiting for me keeps me from hitting the snooze button. You never want to let your exercise partner down.”―Alison Fridborg, Dallas, Ga.
  6. "I feel healthiest when I can play tag with my children and keep up. What makes me feel even better is when I get in a foot race with my very fast 8-year-old and actually beat her!" ―Kristy Tolley, Charlotte, N.C.
  7. “When my hair’s unruly, I flatiron it for a sleek look that gets me through the day. I use a heat protector beforehand to prevent damage.”―Melissa Kilgore, Nevada, TexasGet more affordable summer fashion ideas here!
  8. “I find sundresses flattering on women of all sizes. They’re thin and still cover all my curves.”―Becky Olson, Temple, Texas
  9. “Rewetting my hair and using a product that calms frizz makes it OK. If that fails, I use my sunglasses as a headband.”―Courtney Southerland, Wake Forest, N.C.
  10. “I love a sarong. When tied around the neck as a halter dress, it can take you from beach to dinner without changing.”―Morgan Lewis, Corbin, Ky.
  11. "Using hand lotion on damp hair, especially the ends, is a great way to control frizz. Plus, your hair ends up smelling nice!" ―Joanne Pardie, Morris Plains, N.J.