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  1. Cost per serving: 77¢This simple dip comes together fairly quickly but to give yourself more time, bake the pita chips up to one day in advance. Keep in an airtight container at room temperature to make sure they stay crisp and delicious for party day.See recipe: Edamame Hummus with Homemade Chips
  2. Cost per serving: 25¢Great on chicken, meat, fish or even veggies, this simple marinade is sure to become your go-to for grilling. This recipe makes enough for about 6 lb. of meat. If you’re not planning to make that much, think of it as 3/4 cup of marinade for 2 lb. of meat. Cover and refrigerate any extra marinade to use later on that week.See recipe: Do-It-All Marinade
  3. Cost per serving: $1.60 Want your kids to eat more veggies? Your family will love the flavor of grilled eggplant zucchini, squash and mushrooms right off the grill. If you have any leftovers, serve them the next day in a cold pasta salad or as a part of a toasty vegetable sandwich.  
  4. This yummy appetizer costs just $.83 per serving.See recipe: Potato Croquettes
  5. Cost per serving: $1.28Don't scramble around the day of the party—you can partially make this dish (through step three) up to a day in advance. Simply cover and refrigerate; the morning of your get-together, sprinkle on the topping and bake.See recipe: Green Chile Mac and Cheese
  6. Cost per Serving: $0.80   Trade in your butter covered corn-on-the-cob for a delicious combination of cheese, pepper, and limes.    Total Time: 15 min.   Ingredients to Shop For:  •Corn •Queso Fresco or Feta Cheese •Cayenne Pepper •Limes   Ingredients You May Already Have:  •Olive Oil •Salt  
  7. Cost per serving: $1.79Put a healthy (and tasty!) spin on an All-American classic with these mini burgers that use better-for-you ingredients like yogurt and turkey. No room on your grill? Bake up these sliders in the oven in less than 25 minutes.See recipe: Turkey Sliders with Herbed Mayonnaise
  8. Cost per serving: 20¢   This cheap and tasty Cheesy Crustless Mini Quiches recipe is an easy way to please a crowd. Feel free to add another type of cheese to suit your preferences, or whatever you already have in your fridge.   See recipe: Cheesy Crustless Mini Quiches      
  9. Cost per serving: $1.62Two summer favorites, rich Greek salad and satisfying pasta salad, come together in this quick and delicious dish. We used classic Mediterranean flavors like feta cheese, kalamata olives and spinach but you can make it your own by adding (or omitting) ingredients as you see fit.See recipe: Greek Pasta Salad
  10. Cost per serving: 55¢You can make this simple salad the morning of the party but to avoid soggy almonds, pack the salad and almonds separately. Then, just before serving, toss the almonds with the rest of the ingredients for a satisfying crunch.Tip: Can't find rice wine vinegar? In a pinch, you can use balsamic vinegar instead.See recipe: Carrot-Ginger Salad
  11. Cost per serving: $1.27This quick side comes together in less than 20 minutes. When preparing the peas, stay on your toes—peas cook rather quickly and for this salad, they need a bit of a bite. To avoid turning them into a mushy mess, blanch for just three minutes and then immediately plunge into a large bowl of ice water.See recipe: Three-Pea Salad
  12. Summer veggies make this dish a crowd-pleaser. If your family doesn’t like lima beans, leave them out.See recipe: Grilled-Vegetable Succotash SaladMore recipes on Pinterest: Scrumptious Salads
  13. Cost: $3.35Feel free to use nectarines in place of peaches -- peeling is optional.See Recipe: Peach Ginger Chicken Thighs
  14. Cost per serving: $1.29 Looking for a mix of sweet and savory? Try drizzling a little honey over this homemade pizza!    See recipe: Bacon, Blue Cheese and Fig Pizza