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  1. Don’t bury yourself in debt just because you can’t live without that scarf. And handbag. And dress. You won’t get the Hollywood ending Rebecca Bloomwood did in Confessions of a Shopaholic (you know: the guy, the job… minus the clothes). Photo Credit: Touchstone Pictures 
  2. Smart shoppers still in their early novice stage, like Caroline who look down on using coupons, don’t recognize the real value of coupons until they see the savings printed on a receipt. Don’t worry; Caroline wised up as soon as she saw how much she was saving. Watch the scene here! 
  3. It’s a dirty secret of retail (one they’ll never admit), but it does seem like fitting room mirrors employ “skinny mirrors”, doesn’t it? Don’t take her cue by walking out of the store and down the block to admire the outfit in windows. You’ll probably have to buy the dress anyway, just like Elaine Benes in Seinfeld, or worse -- be considered a shoplifter. Watch the episode here! Photo Credit: Castle Rock Entertainment   
  4. When Rachel’s sister, Jill, wanted to be more like daddy’s “favorite” she promises to stop using his credit cards. But since she memorized them “years ago” she fell back down the slippery slope. The shopping mistake is so bad it bears repeating: don’t spend money you don’t have. Photo Credit: Warner Bros.    
  5. While movie Pretty Woman is packed with feel-good shopping triumphs, one of everyone’s favorite scenes -- the one where Vivian marches back into the Rodeo Drive boutique whose sales girls wouldn’t help her earlier in the film -- actually highlights a shopping faux pas. Don’t do anything to make the salesperson upset, like, say, flaunting your success from other stores at their expense. Those salespeople will remember you and they may choose to treat you rudely, again, and never let you in on sales in the future. 
  6. Similar to the TLC show Hoarders, the cast of My Shopping Addiction all have a chronic problem: they just can’t stop shopping! No matter the financial threat (debt, bankruptcy...) these real people just can’t shake their shopping addiction. Learn from their mistakes before you end up on the second season. Photo Credit: Oxygen