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  1. Get the truth about grays, shampoos and brushing so your hair can be healthier and shine brighter. Plus, pick up some helpful tips and tricks as All You solves some common hair myths!
  2. If everyday stress caused hair loss, then we’d all be bald! The blame actualyl lies in genetics, which accounts for 95 percent of hair loss. If this gene runs in your family, start acting now! Treatments include hair restoration (a surgical procedure in which tiny patches of scalp are removed from the back and sides of the head and implanted in bald spots) and topical use of minoxidil, an FDA-approved ingredient found in Rogaine, which is available over the counter in 2 percent and 5 percent formulas.
  3. This is a big exaggeration with a little truth behind it. Light brushing—a few strokes here and there—gives locks luster by distributing the scalp’s natural oils down the hair shaft. Excessive brushing, however, especially if you tug too much, can weaken strands, causing them to break. For gentle grooming, choose a brush with ball-tipped plastic bristles or long, widely spaced natural boar bristles, and use it only to detangle and style hair.While we're at it, you should never brush wet hair—it’s too fragile. Only tackle dry locks, starting from the ends and working your way up.
  4. This myth has some truth to it. Hair cuticles, which resemble shingles on a roof, lie flat when splashed with cold water. As a result, the smoothed cuticles reflect more light, making hair appear shinier and healthier (hot water leaves it rough and lackluster). The effect is temporary, however unless you dry and style your hair properly. To get your locks to cooperate, seal damp hair with a silicone-based serum, then blow-dry with a nozzle attachment, keeping the airflow angled down the shafts to smooth the cuticles.
  5. The number of hairs in each follicle is genetically determined (typically it ranges from one to four strands in each), and simply tweezing stubborn grays won’t increase that number. Still, plucking is a bad habit: If you pull out the same strand repeatedly, you can damage the roots so it won’t grow back. A better alternative? Embrace your salt-and-pepper locks or dye them. If you’re less than a third gray, try a semipermanent dye, which gently blends away grays and washes out in approximately 28 shampoos.
  6. Too much tugging and tension from tight hairstyles such as cornrows and weighty extensions can bring on traction alopecia, a form of hair loss that is common among black women. It’s preventable, though. Avoid stressful styles and switch the positions of your braids (ponytails and headbands, too) to alleviate tension. 
  7. Why does it seem like your shampoo suddenly stops doing its job? It doesn’t, but after a month of the same hair routine, buildup from conditioners and styling products can leave locks dull and lifeless, so rotating shampoos is not a bad idea. Suds up with a clarifying formula (look for key words like “balancing” or “anti-residue”) to refresh your locks. Warning: Such formulas clean deeply, so they can strip hair of its natural gleam. Use them in moderation; once or twice per month is optimal. 
  8. The Mistake: You were longing for a head full of bouncy waves, so you began to experiment with hot rollers and ended up with either Shirley Temple ringlets or sad, limp strands.The Solutions: If your curls are too tight... Restyle tendrils by blasting them with a blow-dryer, pulling a medium-size brush through hair to help relax it. If you still have corkscrew curls, mist them lightly with water and blow-dry again.
  9. The Mistake: You couldn't wait for a salon trim, so you started snipping away, and now you have seriously unfortunate fringe..The Solutions: Weigh them down Using a pea-size amount of a styling cream to make the ends look longer. Keep in mind: Too much can easily lead to greasy strands.Lengthen Them by blow-drying the bangs flat against your forehead with a nozzle and your fingers—a brush will create lift.
  10. The Mistake: You wanted a fresh, new color without shelling out big bucks at the salon. But when you finished doing it yourself, you realized you had—oops!—used the wrong shade.The Solutions: If You've Gone Too Dark... Strip away the color by using a clarifying shampoo that's high in detergent for several days. Two weeks later, re-dye with a color two shades lighter than the first, starting at the ends and finishing with roots.
  11. The Mistake: You got trigger-happy with hairspray or carried away with styling cream or serum. Now you have either stiff patches or greasy strands—and no time to de-gunk with shampoo.The Solutions: For Too Much Hairspray.. Rake through oversaturated sections with a wide-tooth comb to break up stiffness. Work your way up from the ends to avoid breakage. Spritz on water, then blow-dry.
  12. Bold lips and brows are one of this fall's most popular beauty trends! Be sure to balance the look with sheer eye shadow in a neutral tone.