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  1. Skip the salon! Follow these simple steps for nails that look as polished as a professional manicure
  2. First, remove any old polish. After clipping nails to your desired length, file them in one direction using even strokes, then smooth surfaces with a buffer.For fancy metallic sandals, try a purple hued polish, like Grape Icy from Revlon ($5 at CVS.com).
  3. Use a dry-skin foot file to whittle down stubborn calluses or rough patches on the heels and balls of your feet, leaving the areas soft.A coral or bright pink polish, like Sally Hansen's Frutti Petutie ($7 at Target) looks great on most skin tones and looks even better when paired with emerald sandals.
  4. Fill a basin with warm water and add a cup of warm milk to help slough off dead skin (the lactic acid does the trick). Then, exfoliate with a grainy scrub—do your legs, too. Gently push cuticles back and clean under toenails with an orange stick. For a real spa experience, add Epsom salts or essential oils like lavender to the soak instead of milk.If you love the look of jeweled sandals, try pairing them with a gold polish like SpaRitual polish in Shimmer Revere ($10 at SpaRitual.com)
  5. Wipe off excess cream and oily residue from nail beds with a cotton pad soaked in polish remover. Separate toes with rolled paper towel.Cool colors, like mint, really pop next to earth-toned sandals. We like China Glaze polish in Re-Fresh Mint ($5 at Amazon.com)
  6. Start with a base coat, then add two thin layers of color. Seal with a topcoat. Allow at least 20 minutes drying time. Revive with a new layer every other day.Pair embellished sandals with equally over-the-top polish shades like Electric Orange from CND ($9, go to CND.com for information)
  7. The best accessory for your newly beautified toes is a pair of fun summer sandals. Check the following out for their hot deals and steals: