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  1. "Freshly painted nails but no quick-dry products lying around? Dip your polished nails in cold water for a minute or two to help them dry faster."--Michelle Phan, YouTube.com/User/MichellePhan Photo Credit: Getty Images / Fotosearch
  2. "I can't always achieve the cool nail-art designs I want with my own hands, so I love using decals. My key to making them last: Follow with a clear topcoat, and be sure to cover the edge of the nail to create a total seal. It keeps the corners from peeling, while giving more of an authentic painted look, so you can pretend you really do have crazy nail skills."--Kathryn Romeyn, BeautyBender.comALL YOU Pick: Kiss Nail Dress Strips, $7 at mass retailers
  3. "Want to try the matte nail trend without buying a special polish? As you're making your favorite soup or pasta, paint nails with two coats of polish, then, while they're still wet, hold your fingertips over the steam for a few seconds. Watch the magic happen: Your tips will turn from glossy to matte."--Michelle Phan, YouTube.com/User/MichellePhan Photo Credit: Getty Images / Tooga
  4. "I have a love/hate relationship with glitter polish. It's so pretty, but really sticks to your nails. I've started applying remover with felt instead of a cotton ball -- it works like a gentle Brillo pad."--Alison Kratzer, MakeupByAlli.comALL YOU Pick: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Twinle Toes-ty, $8 at mass retailers.
  5. "Dry shampoo might be the greatest invention in the world, but the real secret is spritzing it on at night so it sops up oil while you sleep. You'll wake up with instant volume."--Elizabeth Dehn, BeautyBets.comALL YOU Pick: Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing dry shampoo, $6 at Ulta
  6. "I keep a tube of original Chapstick handy at all times. I use it to mend flyaways, soothe the occasional flatiron burn, tame brows and even condition my lashes."--Lara Ramos, TheGlossarie.com
  7. "Drying hair with a towel roughs up the cuticles -- which can cause frizz and breakage. Instead, reach for a worn-in, supersoft T-shirt, and remember: Pat dry -- don't rub -- for the smoothest results."--Michelle Phan, YouTube.com/User/MichellePhan Photo Credit: Getty Images / Fuse
  8. "After blow-drying, use a claw clip to pin hair up at your crown. As your hair cools, it conforms to the position it's in and sets. When you remove the clip, your hair will have amazing lift, minus the extra styling time."--Kristie Burnett, BlushingBasics.comALL YOU Pick: Salon Care 3" Butterfly Clamp, $2.39 for 12 at SallyBeauty.com
  9. "Facial oils absorb in seconds, leaving skin silky -- not greasy. Instead of layering on powder before happy hour, press a few drops of a face oil over cheeks to refresh makeup and add a pretty glow."--Elizabeth Dehn, BeautyBets.comALL YOU Pick: L'Oreal Age Perfect Glow Renewal facial oil, $25 at mass retailers
  10. "Old mascara wands make perfect brow brushes. Just wash and sanitize them." —Pam Schmitt, PammyBlogsBeauty.com     "Dust baby powder onto your mascara wand before coating lashes to add thickness." —Katie McBroom    
  11. "My no-fail red-lip trick: Use a lip pencil to fill in your entire pout. Apply it heavily for the ultimate wow factor or go softer for a subtle effect. Top with a gold gloss for a little extra holiday sparkle."--Teri Cosenzi, BeautifulMakeupSearch.comALL YOU Pick: Wet 'n' Wild Color Icon lip liner in Berry Red, $1 at mass retailers  
  12. "One word: Q-tips. Of course they're good for cleaning ears, but they're also great for fixing eyeliner mess-ups and smoking out powder shadows."--Nicole Pearl, TheBeautyGirl.com
  13. "Mix a bit of cream concealer with a high-pigment lipstick to make an amazing dewy bronzer that'll blend beautifully and feel light on your skin."--Alexandra Spunt, NoMoreDirtyLooks.comALL YOU Pick: Maybelline Cover Stick concealer in Light Beige, $5 and Rimmel Moisture Renew Lip Color in Dusty Rose, $7
  14. "I wash my face with warm water to open my pores for a deep clean, and I splash it with cold water afterward to close them. Also, I always pat my face dry with a washcloth; it's less abrasive than rubbing and doesn't stretch skin."--Nicole Pearl, TheBeautyGirl.com