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  1. Cost per serving: 30¢This Stuffed Baby Potatoes recipe packs plenty of favor in bite-size portions—for under 50¢ a serving! If you don't have chives on hand, minced scallions will do the trick.See recipe: Stuffed Baby Potatoes
  2. Cost per serving: 53¢Guests can munch guilt-free on these cute and tasty vegetable fritatta squares. Swap out some of the veggies for ham for a non-vegetarian version.See recipe: Vegetable Frittata Squares
  3. Cost per serving: 81¢   This yummy Buffalo Chicken Skewers recipe wins points for flavor and presentation. Use leftovers in a sandwich or wrap for lunch the next day.   See recipe: Buffalo Chicken Skewers
  4. Cost per serving: $2.38This refreshing Sparkling White Sangria recipe is a fun signature cocktail idea is a great way to wow guests — with minimal effort! This would also be tasty with pears, grapes or limes, so feel free to mix up the fruit based on your personal taste.See recipe: Sparkling White Sangria
  5. Cost per serving: 20¢These Raspberry Brownies have the chocolate decadence everyone loves, with a surprising raspberry twist. For neater cuts, let the brownies cool completely, then cover and chill for a few hours.See recipe: Raspberry Brownies
  6. Cost per serving: 24¢These Mini Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwiches are not only guaranteed crowd-pleasers, but they take less than 15 minutes to make — and cost just pennies! Get ahead. You can make these sandwiches up to 30 minutes before serving. Place them on baking sheets, cover with foil and keep warm in a 200ºF oven until ready to serve.See recipe: Mini Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwiches
  7. Cost per serving: 99¢This veggie-loaded Roasted Eggplant Dip recipe is low in calories, but tastes like an indulgence. Spread any leftovers on a sandwich, top pasta with it, or serve alongside grilled chicken as a healthy sauce.See recipe: Roasted Eggplant Dip
  8. Cost per serving: 21¢These festive Sweet and Salty Popcorn Balls are not only fun to eat, but cheap and yummy, too! To dress these up, drizzle with melted semi-sweet or white chocolate.See recipe: Sweet and Salty Popcorn Balls
  9. Cost per serving: 25¢These zesty lemon tarts are adorable and easy to eat — and cost just 25¢ a serving! Keep extras. If you have any lemon curd leftover, cover and refrigerate it. Serve it with toast or scones for breakfast, or with butter cookies for a treat. It also makes a delicious filling for a layer cake.See recipe: Lemon Tarts
  10. Christiane Potts made the Potato, Pepper and Chorizo Hash with Fried Eggs from our February 2012 issue.The verdict: "This dish is fantastic! Not only does it come together quickly and require just a skillet and a pan, but it also tastes wonderful. It's a nice change from our typical weekday breakfasts of toast or cereal."
  11. Frugal Foodie in WV made the Rigatoni in Creamy Tomato Sauce recipe from our September 2011 issue.The verdict: "The pepperoni in this recipe is surprising. It creates a great taste that even my two picky children loved. I like that the taste was good for both adults and kids. Dinner time can be a struggle, but this was a recipe that my whole family could agree upon. This is definitely a recipe I would make again."
  12. Taking on Magazines tried the Miso-Vegetable Soup recipe from our December 2012 issue.Verdict: "The bits of corn added a sweetness that complemented the saltiness of the miso.The mushrooms soak up the flavor of everything else and give texture to the soup. Because it’s only cooked a short time, the carrot ribbons are still just a little crunchy, which is perfect."
  13. Frugal Foodie in WV made this Turkey, Squash and Black Bean Chili recipe from the January 2013 issue of All You magazine.The verdict: "My whole family was really happy with this recipe. Normally I make beef chili, since it tends to come out more tender and flavorful. This turkey chili was delicious and my husband even commented about how good it was since he normally doesn't like turkey chili."