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  1. "I let my husband relax after work before asking him about the housework. Incentives also work: 'Let's do one load of laundry tonight. Then we can enjoy a movie.'”― Theo-Ann Johnson, Fort Collins, Colo.
  2. "My husband and I decided to share chores, and we picked the ones we like to do best. He enjoys food shopping, on Saturday mornings, and I would rather cook during the week. When we feel part of a team, neither one of us gets resentful when it's time to do our chores."― Susan Spencer, Basking Ridge, N.J.
  3. "I kneel down, look them in their eyes and say, 'Mommy needs your help.' My kids like to be rewarded with a dinner of their choice, which they get to help me make. I give the child being honored a special plate."― Conny Listermann, Cincinnati
  4. "I pretend to be on the phone with a friend, and when I hang up, I start running around, frantic, saying, 'Company's coming! Help me clean up fast!' In no time, we have the house cleaned, and darn if the company doesn't show up!" ― Becky Bishop, Arcola, Ill.
  5. "I give my husband a list of tasks. He likes to mark off each one when he finishes. It gives him a sense of accomplishment, and it helps me out a lot."― Cindi Andrews, Lufkin, Texas
  6. "I just started having my 11-year-old and 13-year-old do their laundry because they kept complaining about not having any socks. I put explicit typed instructions next to the appliances. So far, no white clothes are pink. They know that everyone who lives here must help."― Robyn Henning, Nutley, N.J.
  7. "I pick up a postcard everywhere we go. At the end of the day, I fill out the back of the card with the date and little things that happened that day, being as descriptive as possible. Then I store it with the rest of our keepsakes. When we're looking through things, it makes us feel like we're there all over again." ―Courtney Tice, East Liverpool, Ohio
  8. "When I was young, my father would take the local kids for snow cones. Our favorite flavors were cherry and strawberry. Now the flavors are tiger's blood and wedding cake. The names have changed, but this treat brings back my summer memories." ―Karen Carson, Spring, Texas
  9. "Last summer my daughters held a backyard carnival. They replicated carnival games using household items―a ringtoss made with a hula hoop and stuffed animals, and a bowling game using empty 2-liter plastic bottles. They invited neighborhood kids over and played for days. It cost nothing." ―Heather Cass, Erie, Pa.
  10. "My kids and I create a Slip 'n Slide out of a large sheet of plastic, baby shampoo and the hose. They try their fanciest tricks down the slippery wet bubbles!" ―Kimberly Dube, East Windsor, Conn.
  11. "Minor-league baseball games are great, and tickets cost less than $10. There's lots of entertainment and cheap food, and some even offer activities for children." ―Pat Hancock, Hawthorne, N.J.