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  1. Healthy eating starts with healthy shopping. This grocery list has everything you need for our low-calorie breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.
  2. This week you'll get moving. Just by increasing the number of steps you take each day can have a big difference in weight loss.
  3. Having the right tools to help with your weight-loss makes taking the steps to a new lifestyle infinitely easier. Luckily, you can support a healthful lifestyle with these 12 inexpensive home essentials—many that you already own.
  4. Motivate yourself: List five reasons for changing your eating habits (more energy, cuter clothes) on a sticky note or note card. Store it in your wallet or post it on your fridge (or do both!); review it whenever you feel your resolve weaken.
  5. Control pasta portions: A 16-ounce box of spaghetti should serve 16 people. If it doesn’t feed that many in your house, join the crowd. To cut back to the 1-ounce (½ cup cooked) serving, try the Classic Measure Up bowl ($20 at measureupbowl.com), at left, which has ½-, 1-, 1½- and 2-cup markers, so you know just how much you’re eating.
  6. Make meals look bigger: If you hold a potluck and you’re tempted to grab everything on display, use a smaller plate. Eating off a 10-inch dish instead of a 12-inch one can help you consume 22 percent less, according to the Cornell Food and Brand Lab’s Small Plate Movement.
  7. Eat less high-fat cheese: Rather than slicing hunks of cheese from a huge block or dicing it and eating it as cubes, grate your favorite cheese over salads or into soups or pastas. You’ll get the flavor you love but for far fewer calories per meal.
  8. Add taste without calories: Give seared salmon and Brussels sprouts extra zip with a bit of olive oil and a few grinds of pepper. To save on calories and fat, pick up an oil mister, like the one ($20 at prepara.com), and put dried herbs into the oil before spraying your favorite healthful fare. The combo of oil and herbs also can improve steamed vegetables and other simple side dishes.
  9. Skip commercials: The more food you see (even if it’s just in advertisements), the more likely you’re tempted to chow down. To avoid such triggers, record your favorite shows so you can fast-forward through the food ads. If you still have the munchies and are truly hungry, choose a nutritious snack, like low-fat popcorn, unsalted nuts, whole-wheat crackers, fruit or carrot sticks.
  10. Inspire yourself: Look through your collection of family photos, find an image of you at a healthy weight and frame it. Hang the picture in a spot you’ll see often (like your bedroom closet door). Then imagine that slimmer you performing all your everyday tasks.