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  1. Don't belong to a gym? Try these 20-minute cheap (or free!) workouts
  2. Sticking with an exercise regiment is hard enough on your body. Add the cost of joining a health club and the scheduling hassle of getting there and it's no wonder so many of us opt out. In fact, just 44 percent of people who belong to a gym use it more than 100 times a year, according to the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association. But the truth is, you don't need sophisticated equipment for a workout plan that works.
  3. This grown-up version gives you an amazing aerobic workout, burning 12 calories per minute -- equal to running a 10-minute mile.Jump Rope, C9, $5; Target.com
  4. Tone your entire body with this oversize rubber band, which takes the place of a roomful of gym machines.Resistance Band, C9 Comfort Grip, $10; Target.com
  5. Strengthen your arms, legs, back, chest and more with a single pair; 5 pounds is a good weight for beginners.Set of 2 Neoprene 5-pound dumbbells, $16; Walmart.com
  6. Builds your core as you keep your balance. Women smaller than 5 feet 4 should use a 55-centimeter ball; 5 feet 4 and up, 65cm.Gold's Gym Stability Ball, $10; Walmart.com
  7. Use this simple strap to hold or deepen a stretch during or after your workout, improving flexibility and loosening stiff joints.Lotus Yoga Strap, $4; Walmart.com
  8. This pose is also called Mountain Pose. Start with your hands pressed together in the center of your chest and feet together. Stretch the corwn of your head toward the ceiling or sky. Take a deep breath, then relax your shoulders. Don't lock your knees, keep breathing and remain here for a minute. Slowly strech your arms above your head and then making a giant circle motion move them to your sides, palms facing out.
  9. From Tadasana, inhale and swing your arms overhead. Exhale as you  bend forward from your hips, reaching your hands toward the mat. If you are very flexible, wrap your forearms around your calves. If not, bend your knees slightly and let your fingers fall toward your toes. Hold for three deep breaths.Make it easier: If you can't touch the mat, you can put a yoga strap under your feet and hold both sides at a comfortable length, keeping your elbows bent.
  10. From Standing Forward Bend, inhale and place your palms flat on the mat under your shoulders, bending your knees deeply. Exhale and extend your left leg and then your right leg behind you, bringing your toes to the mat. Keep your hips up and body in a straight line. Hold for as long as you can, breathing deeply.Make it easier: Do the pose on your hands and knees. If your wrists hurt, place a rolled yoga rug or blanket under the heels of your hands.
  11. From Plank, exhale and bend your elbows so they point directly behind you. Allow your arms to touch your sides as you exhale and slowly lower your body all the way to the mat. Be careful that your hips don't sag -- your chest and belly should touch the mat at the same time. Hold for one deep breath.Make it easier: Place your knees on the mat for this pose until you build up more strength in your arms and core. 
  12. From Modified Chaturanga, exhale as you press down with your hands to raise your upper body. As you rise up, roll over your toes so the top of your feet are pressing against the mat. Tuck your pelvis down toward the mat to avoid placingtoo much pressure on your lower back. Hold for one deep breath.