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  1. It can look dated, especially if there's a big contrast between your bright white tips and the shade on your nail bed. Instead, go for a neutral hue all over (bonus: you'll need fewer touch ups to keep your polish looking fresh). If you're fair skinned, try a creamy or opalescent beige. Those with medium tones should opt for sheer or shimmery pale pinks, while warm, deep caramel looks best on those with dark skin. To make your mani last longer, smooth any chipped edges with a buffing block.
  2. People in a study who had recently whitened their teeth were viewed as more professional, more confident, and more outgoing. Whitening toothpastes can remove surface gunk, but you might want to consider a DIY bleaching treatment that provides professional-like results for a fraction of the cost.    Editors' Picks: Crest 3D White Whitestrips Luxe Supreme FlexFit, $65 for 14 treatments; drugstore.com.
  3. Your mother was right: Just standing up nice and straight boosts your figure. And, according to research at Harvard University, it can increase your testasterone levels and decrease your cortisol level, so you feel more confident, too. 
  4. Try spritzing on a fragrance that doesn't seem outdated. Consider a fresh citrus formula, which can elevate your mood as a bonus. Bergamot, lemon and pink grapefruit have been proven to promote positive behavior.    Editors' Picks: Sonia Kashuk eau de toilette in Yellow Alluriana, $20 for 3.4 oz.; target.com.
  5. And don't fret if it doesn't match your shoes. It's actually more sophisticated if your accessories don't coordinate exactly. Choose a shade that picks up on a single element of your outfit. Or add an eye-popping bag to a neutral look.    Editors' Picks: Marisol bag, Sofia by Sofia Vergara, $33; kmart.com.
  6. If you can't remember the last time you recoiffed, you might need a nudge in a new direction. Opt for a timeless power cut: the bob. Its short crop frames the face for a sophisticated, notice-me-now vibe. Plus, the look is an easy one to style and flatters most face shapes. If you have fine hair, ask your stylist for blended layers, which add texture and shape to limp locks. If your hair is thick or curly, go for an angled cut- keeping the front slightly longer than the back - to help prevent pouf. 
  7. Sure, they're easy, often forgiving and a modest investment. But they aren't always the most flattering or fashionable choice. If you like the versaility and coverage of dark bottoms, try going with tailored black pants with a bit of Lycra for stretch and pair them with a long, crisp blouse rather than a shapeless tunic. When you do wear leggings, mae sure the Lyrca content isn't too high or you'll wind up with that shiny sausage casing effect.   
  8. This wardrobe staple can add instant polish to your outfit, whether you layer it over a sheath dress or pair it with jeans. But skip the shapeless cuts you hope will hide a big belly. They add pounds instead of subtracting them. Rather, opt for something with a nipped-in waist that helps define your shape. Consider a bright shade or even of-the-moment stripes.    Editor's Picks: Mariner striped blazer, $50, sizes S-L; shopsosie.com.
  9. We know, we know. You're just going to slip them on to walk the dog and take out the trash. And then head to the supermarket. And the soccer game. Face it. Your sneakers have become your go-to footwear, and they aren't doing your look any favors. Choose a ballet flat when you want no-heel, comfy, go-with-everything shoes. Better yet, slip on a pair of kitten heel mules for your errand runs. They can make you feel like Audrey Hepburn even if you're just picking up a gallon of milk.