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  1. Don't let hidden salt and sugar sabotage your healthy diet. Understand the benefits of a low-sodium and low-sugar diet.
  2. Use this key to decipher what the packaged food lables are really saying about the amount of salt and sugar in the food.
  3. Instead of indulging in costly, high-calorie treats to get you through the day, use these simple snacking strategies to whittle your waistline (not your wallet).
  4. Your liver, kidneys and digestive system remove potentially harmful substances naturally, but you can give your purification system some help.
  5. If every meal leads to an upset stomach, you might be allergic to gluten, a protein found in wheat.
  6. With life as crazy as it is, you can't cook every meal―but that doesn't mean you can't eat healthfully. Try these sensible meals when you only have time for takeout: They all have little or no trans fat and reasonable calorie and fat counts.
  7. Go for single-patty burgers or grilled chicken (no mayo), and load up on fruit or veggie sides. Try a single hamburger, Apple Dippers with low-fat caramel dip, and 1 percent milk. (460 calories, 12 grams fat).
  8. Subway now offers a healthier Fresh Fit menu with raisin and apple sides, low-fat milk and 4-inch subs perfect for little appetites. Try a 6-inch turkey sandwich, apple slices and 1 percent milk (505 calories, 8 grams fat).
  9. Order foods made "Fresco Style" to lower the fat by swapping cheese and sauce for salsa. Try two Fresco Style Ranchero Chicken Soft Tacos (330 calories, 8 grams fat).
  10. Choose a salad with colorful ingredients like oranges and cranberries. Pass up creamy dressing options. Try a Mandarin chicken salad, Lays baked potato chips and water (300 calories, 4 grams fat).