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  1. “The best pet care advice I’ve ever received came from my grandmother. She said to use Dawn dishwashing liquid on my dogs instead of expensive pet shampoos, and I won’t ever have to worry about fleas. My dogs have been flea-free since their first wash with Dawn, despite how much we play outside!”-Cassandra Boyd, Evansville, Ind.  
  2. “When my cocker spaniel, Delilah, was about eight months old, I took her to a training class. We learned a useful command that I’m so glad I taught my other dogs: ‘leave it.’ The dog steps back or looks away from something they’re not supposed to touch, like human food. I’ve used it so many times for small problems that when something dangerous happened, it was pure gold. This summer we’ve had three poisonous snakes come up too close to the house and I’ve easily been able to get the dogs inside.”-Cathy Whitney, Claremore, Oklahoma