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  1. Can't figure out how to clean dirty, dusty candles? Wipe them with old nylon panty hose, and they'll quickly shine back up.
  2. Take a few minutes to rearrange your storage so that animal travel carriers are within reach. That way, if there's an emergency such as a fire or flood, you won't have to rifle through a closet or under a bed to find them.
  3. For a charming (and unexpected) touch, hang jars on the underside of a shelf. It's a great way to gain extra storage in kitchens and workrooms. Collect matching jars (baby-food ones work well) and remove the labels. Drill a hole in the center of each lid. Place a washer on both sides of the lid, thread a screw through and attach each lid to the shelf using a drill or electric screwdriver. Fill the jars with whatever you have that needs stowing.
  4. Smoke detectors should be replaced every 10 years. Look on the bottom of your alarm to find the date the device was manufactured.
  5. Thinking of selling something on eBay but not sure how much you'll get for it? Check out www.ztail.com, a Web site that helps you calculate the going rate for items―anything from MP3 players to sunglasses to toys. The site surveys similar items on eBay, and fellow users weigh in, too.
  6. Simplify minor repair jobs―keep sewing supplies nearby. Stash thread in basic colors, sewing needles in various sizes, buttons, a thimble, scissors, a tape measure and a seam ripper in an old mint tin.
  7. Soften every step with a foam insert. A soft foam insert absorbs the shock in the heel and cushions the ball of the foot so soles will feel pampered all day.
  8. Whitening gels, strips and trays can be time-consuming and costly. An alternative solution: mouthwash. Look for new formulas that promise to freshen your breath, brighten your smile and help protect against future stains.
  9. Save yourself several trips to the store with this all-in-one cleaning kit. This eco-friendly package provides you with enough cleaning solutions to last you a whole year! The kit also includes refillable spray bottles as well as an organizing caddy, cloths and other accessories needed to keep a clean house year-round.($115, shaklee.com)
  10. Save some money and the planet with this Arm& Hammer product. Each spray bottle comes with a cartridge of concentrated, plant-based cleaner that you mix with tap water to create a stain-attacking cleaner. When the cleaner runs out, buy a refill cartridge instead of a whole new bottle. Less plastic and less money is a win-win situation.($9 for refillable bottle and one cartridge; $6 for two-cartridge refill pack, Mass Retailers)
  11. Fight stains on every type fo surface. Use this to clean the kids' dirt-stained clothes, remove grease from tough surfances or to make that wine stain dissapear!($5 for 1.5-lb. tub, Mass Retailers)
  12. The secret to this dish was is the foam. It absorbs, breaks down and removes grease from your dishes, so you won't need to soak dishes for hours to get them clean. Not only will that save water, but it also saves you from using to much soap. Each 10-oz bottle provides 190 pumps, so you won't have to refill as frequently.($4, Mass Retailers)
  13. Simplify your laundry routine (and clear some bathroom clutter) with these 3-in- laundry sheets. Each sheet is a combination of a detergent, a fabric softener and an antistatic treatment— the 3 key cleaning components of any laundry load. Simply place a sheet in the washer with your load, then transfer everything to the dryer.($5, Mass Retailers)