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  1. It's easy―and economical―to give family favorites a fiber and protein boost. Just open up that can in your pantry!
  2. This delicious recipe from the All You Cookbook: Eat Well, Save Big comes in at less than $1 a serving!
  3. Cost per Serving: $2.64   This easy dinner is completely customizable. Swap out the snap peas and bok choy for your family's favorite greens.   Hands-On Time: 30 min.Total Time: 30 min.   Ingredients to Shop For:  •Eggs •Ginger •Snap peas •Bok Choy •Lime Juice •Radishes •Scallions   Ingredients You May Already Have:  •Salt and Pepper •Brown Rice  
  4. Cost per Serving: $2.16    You can also make these healthy wraps with ground lamb, chicken, or beef.    Hands-On Time: 30 min.Total Time: 30 min.   Ingredients to Shop For:  •Ginger •Serrano Chile or Jalapeño •Ground Pork •Cucumber •Asian Fish Sauce •Cilantro •Boston Lettuce •Lime Wedges   Ingredients You May Already Have: •White Vinegar •Salt and Pepper  
  5. Cost per serving: $2.06 Get easy Asian flavor with the help of your slow cooker.   See recipe: Asian Turkey Meatballs
  6. Cost per Serving: $2.43   This vegetarian dish makes an ideal on-the-go lunch. Add chicken or tofu for protein, if you'd like.   Hands-On Time: 21 min. Total Time: 31 min.   Ingredients to Shop For: • Rice vinegar • Sesame oil • Ginger • Whole-wheat penne • Frozen edamame • Broccoli • Snow peas • Cucumber • Red bell pepper • Radish • Carrots • Scallions  
  7. Cost per serving: 86¢ A delicious mix of chicken, coleslaw and fresh ginger is packed inside the wrappers and baked until crisp—an easy way to introduce little ones and picky eaters to a different weeknight cuisine!    See recipe: Baked Chicken Spring Rolls
  8. Cost per serving: $1.45Fresh and flavor-packed, these rice-paper wraps get extra kick from a quick dipping sauce.Recipe: Vietnamese Summer Rolls
  9. Cost per serving: 30¢   These crowd-pleasing egg rolls are super easy (and cheap!) to cook up on your own. Instead of chopping the cabbage yourself, cut down on prep time by using packaged slaw mix.   Prep time: 25 min.Cook time: 5 min. per batch   Ingredients to Shop For: Garlic Ginger Scallions Packaged slaw mix Bean sprouts Egg roll wrappers Ingredients You May Already Have: