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  1. Ladies, we don’t care how good the deal is, don’t leave any personal belongings behind when you’re done shopping! Old, dried up pens might be okay, but definitely not your passport. You probably won’t be as lucky as Carrie in the second movie installment of Sex and the City, who was able to swiftly return to the scene of the brain-fart and retrieve her passport (and then in true SATC style, continue to buy more shoes). Photo Credit: HBO  
  2. Monica Geller isn’t the first woman to buy a pair of shoes she couldn’t afford only to find out they’re uncomfortable as all heck. So learn her lesson, re-watch the episode if need be, and pass on the boots. You can live without them. (Your feet with thank you, and so will Chandler.) Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Television 
  3. Who can forget the scene where the two escorts go into a five and dime store and leave with two masks -- without stopping by the register first? Not like we need to tell you, but shoplifting isn’t such a smart shopping strategy. Photo Credit: Jurow-Shepherd Production 
  4. Ahhh, Christmastime. Whether you’re a procrastinator or not when it comes to your holiday shopping, this movie paints a vivid picture of precisely how not to behave. Promise us, next December, that you won’t lose your mind (and your manners) in last-minute search of a must-have toy like Turbo-Man. Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox 
  5. Search for what you need at this virtual megastore and you can compare prices at eight retailers including Amazon, Costco and Target. Regardless of where you decide to buy each product, you check out only once, on mysupermarket.com (then the site works with each retailer to fulfill your order).   
  6. This app lets you build a shopping list based on local sales and automatically pulls in coupons for the groceries you need. You also can "heart" your favorite brands and even particular items; the app will notifiy you when those groceries go on sale in your area.   Favado recommends relevant coupons, but to redeem them, you must email your shopping list to yourself and print the coupons before you shop. (The app doesn't have the technology yet to scan directly from your phone.)  
  7. Register your store loyalty cards, then select coupons using your smartphone and "save" them to your cards. For example, save coupons for 50 cents off Bisquick and 50 cents off fruit snacks and ShopRite; scan your loyalty card at checkout there and save $1 on the spot. Enable your iPhone's location software and Cellfire will alert you to coupons you have saved at stores nearby.   
  8. Create an account at walmart.com, then enter your Walmart receipt number (found near the receipt's bar code) and the date of your visit. The site cross-references area circulars, comparing what you spent with prices advertised at other stores. If an item you bought costs less elsewhere, Walmart refunds you the difference on a gift card.   Good to know: This program is in beta and available only in select markets for now. 
  9. Sign up on Amazon for regular delivery of items you pick up all the time (think baby food and pasta). You commit to buying the items at a frequency you select (monthly, say) and get up to 15 percent off. You don't get charged for each installment until it ships, and you can alter the subscription or adjust its frequency—or cancel—at any time. 
  10. Every Thursday, this app (and website) adds 20 to 30 exclusive rebates. Scroll through the offers, such as $1 on Kellogg's Apple Jacks. If you buy any item listen that week (at any retailer(, upload a photo of your receipt and the rebate will be added to you Checkout 51 account. When your tally reaches $20, you can request a check.  
  11. Pick any offer (such as a chance to earn 75 cents on a jug of juice) and complete product-related tasks: Respond to a poll, watch a video, answer a trivia question. After buying the item at one of more than 40 chains, submit your proof of purchase and the money is deposited immediately into your Ibotta account.Free for iPhone and Android
  12. Every day starting at noon, the app posts discounts of up to 70 percent on hotels in 54 U.S. locations, as well as Canada, Mexico and Europe. Name your destination and select from basic (think Quality Inn) to luxe (New York's Hotel Plaza Athenee). HotelTonight delivers a list of reduced-rate available rooms, including photos and included amentities.
  13. Type in your location to get deep discounts at independent restaurants, bars and cafes nearby. Available in 13 U.S. cities.Free for iPhone and Android
  14. Uncover child-specific promotions at thousands of restaurants.Free for iPhone and Android