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  1. Enter any of 7,000 stores (including Mobil stations and Target) with this app open on your phone and you'll automatically be awarded "kicks," which may be redeemed for free stuff. Many retailers dole out 100 kicks just for walking in. Get rewards such as Starbucks coffee and movie passes.Free for iPhone and Android
  2. Find coupon codes for tens of thousands of retailers while on the go; cashiers scan them straight from your phone. Many malls support the app's location-based service. Use it and your phone will alert you when you get near a store that has a sale or a coupon available.Free for iPhone and Android
  3. Scan a product bar code and Decide analyzes its price history and volatility, as well as its availability. It also advises you whether to buy now or wait up to two weeks for a price drop. If you wait, you'll get an alert if the price comes down. Paying members ($5 per month; $3 a month for a yearlong membership) get a guarantee: If the advice proves wrong, Decide will refund you the difference.Free for iPhone
  4. Import all your loyalty card bar codes into this app and scan your phone at checkout instead of the card. The app also alerts you to specials at stores.Free for iPhone and Android
  5. Thanks to a nationwide network of 27 million members who update GasBuddy by reporting prices at local pumps, you can find the cheapest place to fill up.Free for iPhone and Android
  6. Running low on data and need to e-mail someone? This app lists free area hot spots, which you can filter by venue, and gives you directions to your preferred spot.Free for iPhone and Android
  7. When you scan a bar code (for a sweater, say), the app tells you where to find the best price (in-store or online) and if a deal is available.Free for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone
  8. The more you check in at your regular haunts, the more you get rewarded with perks, like discounts and free appetizers.Free for iPhone and Android
  9. Type in your medicine to find the lowest price at local pharmacies and see if a coupon is available. The app also reminds you when to refill and updates you if pricing changes.Free for iPhone and Android
  10. Open this app at the store and earn points for checking in. Scan featured products, such as Campbell's soup and Tide, to earn more. Then redeem your points for Amazon cards or other rewards.Free for iPhone and Android
  11. Search for food and drink specials at more than 35,000 restaurants and bars in about 100 U.S. cities.Free for iPhone and Android
  12. Grocery Pal scours supermarkets and mass retailers for specials. Make your list and choose your desired store. If something is less expensive at another store, the app will let you know.Free for iPhone and Android
  13. Streamline Saturday errands by keeping flea-market and tag-sale info in the palm of your hand, complete with directions!Free for iPhone and Android
  14. Is buying bulk always better? Input the price and unit measure (pounds, say) for an item and the app will calculate the actual cost per unit.Free for iPhone
  15. We may be biased, but the Grocery Deal Finder tool on AllYou.com is one of our favorite ways to scan weekly circulars near you. And now it's available on mobile devices! Browse deals by store or category (such as crackers), or search for items you need. If a coupon is available, it will appear next to the applicable product. Just print your list and coupons before you hit the store. Plus, you can sign up for a weekly e-newsletter to learn about local sales, new coupons, and more.