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  1. Ice cubes made with canned mandarin orange slices give this cooling drink extra flair. See recipe: Fruity Punch
  2. Make Dad feel like a king for a day by making a meal filled with his favorite foods. Get inspired by our collection of delicious recipes for Father's Day!
  3. Cost: 95¢Serve with tortilla chips or place at the table and let everyone spoon it on their tacos or fajitas.See Recipe: Grilled Jalapeño Guacamole
  4. Cost per serving: 43¢Start Father's Day dinner off with a kick with this flavorful dip. If the roasted bell pepper is too hot to handle after 10 minutes of cooling in the paper bag, run it under cold water.See recipe: Garlicky Roasted Red Pepper Dip
  5. Cost per serving: 92¢ This six-ingredient dip is easily made in your slow cooker.   See recipe: Spicy Queso Dip
  6. Cost per serving: 30¢This Stuffed Baby Potatoes recipe packs plenty of favor in bite-size portions—for under 50¢ a serving! If you don't have chives on hand, minced scallions will do the trick.See recipe: Stuffed Baby Potatoes
  7. Cost per serving: 37¢For the best texture, make sure oil is at the proper temperature before cooking the shrimp, and be sure to check it between batches. For extra crunch, use panko, which are coarse Japanese breadcrumbs. They’re available in many supermarkets.See recipe: Spicy Coconut Shrimp
  8. Cost per serving: $1.71Dad will love this salad, which can be prepared in advance. Just be sure to wait and dress it until you are ready to serve.See recipe: Chopped Salad
  9. Cost per serving: 60¢   Beat the summer heat with this quick, inexpensive salad. Combine fresh dill, cucumber slices and red onion, then add olive oil, salt and pepper. You’ll be done and out the door in just 10 minutes!   Prep time: 10 minutes   Ingredients To Shop For: Red onion Rice vinegar Cucumbers Fresh dill   Ingredients You May Already Have: Salt and pepper Olive oil  
  10. Cost per serving: $1.60   Want your kids to eat more veggies? Your family will love the flavor of grilled eggplant zucchini, squash and mushrooms right off the grill. If you have any leftovers, serve them the next day in a cold pasta salad or as a part of a toasty vegetable sandwich.   Prep time: 30 min.  Stand time: 3 hr. 
  11. Cost per serving: 60¢ Slather your corn in mayonnaise, chili powder and Parmesan to try a creative twist on this classic summer vegetable. Squeezing a lime wedge over each ear will add even more flavor.   See recipe: Oaxacan Grilled Corn
  12. Cost per serving: 40¢ Who can resist a piping hot basket of garlic bread? Make the garlic butter up to three hours in advance; simply warm it in the microwave before preparing the bread.See recipe: Garlic Bread
  13. Cost per serving: $1.38 Make these fries in your toaster oven in less than 30 min.Hands-on: 5 min.Total: 30 min.Ingredients: • Sweet potato • Coarse sugar (such as Sugar in the Raw) • Chili powder • Salt and pepper • Extra-virgin olive oilSee recipe: Spiced Baked Sweet Potato Fries
  14. Cost per serving: $4.32Make a memorable steak dinner for Dad with this mouthwatering recipe. You can grill this steak in a grill pan or on an outdoor grill. If the steak marinated overnight, remove it from the refrigerator one hour before grilling so it can reach room temperature.See recipe: Grilled Steak with Roasted Potatoes