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  1. Hate carrying around tons of coupons (or worse, forgetting them at home)? Take pictures of your coupons with the SnipSnap app. It converts them into mobile-optimized offers that you can redeem right off your screen.Free for iPhone
  2. The LearnVest app makes it easy to monitor your bank accounts, monthly budgets and long-term goals (with a handy tool that automatically organizes expenses into different categories). Tracking your finances on the go will help you make smarter, more informed purchases -- and make you less likely to spend impulsively.Free for iPhone
  3. InvisibleHand is a web browser add-on for Firefox, Chrome and Safari. If you love to shop online, this a must-download: True to its name, the add-on remains “invisible” on your browser until you visit a shopping site, and then it automatically searches for better deals on the items you’re looking at.  The best part? InvisibleHand syncs with Google search, so when you type in a product, sites with the lowest prices appear first.Free for Firefox, Chrome and Safari
  4. This app helps you find coupons while shopping and gives you real-time updates on new coupons that refresh throughout the day. Search for coupons on specific products and bookmark the ones you don’t need right away. The “display coupon” feature lets you redeem the coupon right from your phone while in the store.
  5. SnapTell is a price-comparison service that also lets you photograph an item or scan a barcode to purchase directly through the app or save the product to look at later. When searching for an item, you’re instantly provided with a list of ratings and reviews, so you can decide if a product is worth your money before you buy.Free for iPhone and Android
  6. The Find’s Shopping app lets you easily take advantage of price matching by making sense of the difficult-to-understand price matching policies at big retailers like Target and Best Buy. Find out which stores offer price matching, which have blackout dates and what the fine print means. Plus, identify coupon codes and shipping deals from those stores.
  7. BuyVia is a price-comparison app for big-ticket tech purchases such as tablets, laptops, smartphones and cameras. Compare prices of the product you’re considering buying, and if you’re not ready to purchase it just yet, the app will send you a notification when the item goes on sale.Free for iPhone
  8. The Grocery iQ app lets you build grocery shopping lists (you can easily add items with text, barcode or hands-free voice search), sync and share your lists with other devices and locate related coupons on the items in your cart.Free for iPhone and Android
  9. “One thing people do wrong when smart shopping is they save big time on the basic items they're looking for, but then get roped into purchasing costly accessories,” says Andrew Schrage, co-owner of Money Crashers Personal Finances.
  10. Schrage advises against overspending simply because you found a great deal because “according to Money Magazine, online shoppers spend over one-third more when free shipping is offered.”
  11. Comparison shopping is a necessary evil for smart shoppers that helps curb impulse purchases. “To quickly help with comparison shopping, a good site is products.google.com, which will rank the product you’re looking for by price,” says Jana Francis, Founder of Steals.com.Photo credit: jcpenney.com
  12. “I don’t think people don’t give themselves enough time to see if something is what they need. We buy on impulse too often. So walk away, give yourself 24 hours and if you’re not thinking about it, save your money,” recommends Jean Chatzky finance expert and finance editor for the TODAY show (whose a new online series called Jean Chatzky’s Money School starts in March). 
  13. When shopping around for the best price, Chatzky advises not to obsess, People who can’t stop looking for the next best deal are never satisfied. You can give yourself a time limit, like 20 minutes, to know what something should cost.” Along the same line, Schrage recommends that factoring time and gas is important as well, because “if you have to drive across town just to save five bucks, you’re not doing yourself much good.”Photo credit: Flickr/ Alan Cleaver