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  1. Short on time and budget? Opt for bouquets of flags, instead of flowers, as a centerpiece. Anchor the flags in red, white and blue gum balls to add a bit of holiday-themed color to the spread.
  2. Decorate plastic cups with red, white and blue rubber bands, and then have the children write each person's name on the white rubber bands. All your guests will be able to keep track of their drinks. Wrap utensils in a colorful napkin and place a set in each cup.
  3. Stop your paper plates from blowing away by putting them out in a dish rack. A small flower arrangement in the cutlery cup is a nice finishing touch that makes the whole display look pretty and welcoming.
  4. A home decorated completely in a neutral like beige can be as blah as food with no seasoning. But adding color to your decor can be intimidating. Here's a foolproof way to do it: Pair a neutral with a strong hue. To complete the look, add a few accessories in a second shade. This easy-to-follow formula produces attractive results―use it to make your home a more cheerful and vibrant place.
  5. Look for opportunities to add interest to your decor without broadening the color palette. Layer in materials. A nubby throw and a knit pillow make a neutral chair more inviting.
  6. Adding a print in the room's dominant colors draws the space together. In fact, it's often easier to choose a fabric first and let it inspire the room's color scheme.
  7. Assemble a collection in neutral tones to give the room a visual harmony that's easy on the eyes.
  8. Once you've established your color selections, mix it up somewhat in other rooms. In the dining room, for instance, touches of taupe and brown can be used instead of, or alongside, white. This slight variation provides interest but means your entire home looks harmonious.
  9. YOU'LL NEEDTrimScissorsLampshadeHot-glue gun1. Position trim as desired on shade.2. Cut so that ends overlap ½".3. Adhere trim to shade with dabs of glue from a hot-glue gun
  10. 1. To figure out how much fabric you'll need, measure the height of the table, double it, then add that figure to the table's diameter. Add 3" to allow for hemming.2. Fold over 1½" of fabric on each of the raw ends and press. Attach hem with fabric glue.3. Drape over table and tie with 1" wide ribbon.
  11. YOU'LL NEEDStencilMeasuring tapePencilPainter's tapeStencil brushLatex paint1. Measure and mark all the places you want to position the stencil. For our design, we repeated the stencil six times to create two vertical rows. 2. Tape the stencil in place using painter's tape.3. Fill in the stencil using latex paint and stencil brush. For best results, dip and dab, don't sweep brush.4. Leave the stencil in place while the paint dries (about 10 minutes). Apply a second coat. Let dry.
  12. YOU'LL NEED36" square scarf18" square pillow1. Lay scarf on a table, print side down.2 .Position the pillow so that its corners lie in between the corners of the scarf. When properly aligned, the pillow should form a diamond shape on the scarf.3. Take two opposite corners of the scarf, tie around the pillow and knot. Take the remaining two corners of the scarf and do the same to form a second knot.
  13. YOU'LL NEEDApproximately 40 pieces of ribbon, in assorted colors and patterns, ranging from 18" to 36" in length48" long curtain rod and hanging bracketsHot-glue gunPencilPower screwdriverScissors1. Working on the floor or a large table, position ribbons until you arrive at a design you like.2. Begin attaching ribbons to the rod. Put a drop of hot glue on the back of the ribbon near one end, then wrap over curtain rod and press firmly to secure. Repeat for each ribbon.