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  1. “Not just services, but goods are negotiable these days,” says Chatzky. “Sometimes people are uncomfortable asking, but if you don’t ask the answer will always be no. It also helps to say, ‘I was hoping for less’. You don’t have to put a number on it, and you don’t have to say, ‘Can you give me a discount?’ you can say ‘Can you work with me on this?’ which is a little bit softer and more to some people’s taste.” Chatzky also recommends doing your comparison shopping homework before negotiating as many stores have price-matching policies in place.Photo credit: Flickr/ buddawiggi
  2. “We know from behavioral science that when you try it on, your psyche takes possession of it and if you don’t buy it, it seems like a loss,” says Chatzky.Photo credit: leidencabinet.com
  3. Francis advises to “look at the whole picture; you might be receiving free shipping on a more expensive product. E-commerce wouldn’t survive if the retailer really were paying for shipping. And that’s where comparison shopping becomes an important tool.”Photo credit: sleepnumber.com
  4. Chatzky has three shopping commandments: don’t shop sad, don’t shop angry and don’t shop hungry. “Sadness feels like a void and you’ll shop to feel better. Anger makes you more likely to take risks and you end up buying things that are above and beyond. If you shop hungry it makes you buy everything because it gets your juices going.”Photo credit: iemoji.com
  5. Nicole Lapin, editor-in-chief of Recessionista.com advises that “you want to spend the money you already have, so cut back on credit cards (although you want to keep them and not cancel them for your credit score, instead put a regular monthly purchase on them like your cable bill).” To take controlled spending a step further, Lapin suggests carrying your spending money in cash “ to keep yourself from spending it once it’s gone.”Photo
  6. Chrombook laptops ae fully Web-based and work with Gogle apps insted of programs such as Word. Since it relies on Web access, make sure tere's Wi-Fi at all of the places where you'll use it most. This laptop is bes at e-mail, surfing, streaming music and word processing for shool papers. Save documents to the cloud and access them anywhere.Samsung Chromebook XE30 3C12-A01US, $250
  7. These machines are no-frills, but they can take the place of a budget desktop PC. They can handle e-mail, Web browsing, word processing, blogging and other tasks, online or off. Since they're usually thick and heavy, they lack the zippy response time of more high-end machines like Ultrabooks or workhorses.Toshiba Satellite C-Series C50D-ABT2N11, $330
  8. This workhorse can handle graphics-heavy tasks, like photo and video editing. It's best at retouching photos, creating and editing home movies and playing video games as well as everyday computer functions. But since these laptops pack so much power, they're larger and can become hotter than others.HP Pavillion Touchsmart 14z-f000 Sleekbook, $480
  9. As an Ultrabook, this laptop weighs slighly more than 4 pounds but boasts top-tie processors and fast memory. It executes tasks you'd get in a basic bundle, including creating spreadsheets and uploading photos, but in a smaller package. Hard-drive space on this one can be tight and it has limited ports for iPods and printers to attach compared to larger notebooks.Dell Inspirion 14z, $600
  10. This laptop-tablet hybrid has a touchscreen and a keyboard that tucs away (or disconnects). It's best at letting you alternate between games and more serious tasks. Since these hybrid models are relatively new to the market, they cost more than traditional laptops with similar specifications.Acer Iconia W510-1620, $550
  11. Apples light-as-a-feather laptop doesn't come with all of the bells and whistles as Macbook Pros (think no CD drive and fewer ports), but boasts 12-hour long battery life and Apple operating systems. It comes in at under 2.5 pounds, so it won't be heavy on your shoulder when you carry it around.Macbook Air 11-inch 128GB, $999
  12. Another tablet-laptop hyrbid, this one makes working on the go easy. The touch screen is simple to navigate with your fingers or the Wacom stylus.Asus VivoTab, $699
  13. News flash: Americans love a good deal -- and now more than ever before. After consulting with thousands of women, All You reveals the key attributes of savvy shoppers. Identify yourself, meet others like you and gain insights into how you can shop even smarter!