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  1. For a temporary update, pin on a collection of brooches. Or create a lasting design using a rubber stamp and ink pad. Just choose an ink color that is deep enough to show up clearly on the shade, and stamp against a firm surface.
  2. Dress up windows with easy-to-make curtains. Sew multiple pairs of ribbons to one end of a twin-size flat sheet; use the ribbons to tie each panel to the curtain rod. Add beauty to any room with flowers from the garden. Now's the time to plant varieties that will make nice bouquets.
  3. Install inexpensive photo ledges on which to create interesting displays. Here, vintage mirrors and dishes lend the room a touch of granny chic. Save money by making―not buying―billowy fabric shades. They require minimal sewing skills, and the effect is ultra-feminine.
  4. Unify mismatched pieces of furniture by coating them all in white paint. Layer a variety of quilts, blankets and throws for a bed that's irresistibly inviting. Make a quilt or pillows out of vintage fabrics. It's a great way to repurpose used fabric from dresses, tablecloths or faded curtains.
  5. Use vintage finds to make your kitchen homey. Paint old wooden chairs―or new, inexpensive, unfinished ones―in an array of pretty hues. Cover the table with an easy-to-clean oilcloth. Add a pleasing design to glass with an etching kit.
  6. Brighten a room with the fresh, airy look of a garden.Paint the walls a light color (soft green works especially well), and hang art―like these paintings of flowers―that carries out the theme. Decorate with live plants and pull in unexpected items, such as a galvanized washtub that doubles as a planter. Choose an outdoor rug or one made of natural materials such as sisal or jute.
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