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  1. They may not look like it but many common household products can rescue you from some pretty hairy beauty emergencies. From bad hair days to broken nails, if you keep these superheroes around you can solve your own beauty woes.
  2. Solution: Hand LotionWork a pea-size amount through hair, concentrating on dry ends.
  3. Solution: Olive OilAfter bathing, rub a thin layer all over, paying special attention to dry, rough spots like heels and elbows.
  4. Solution: A SpoonPlace the back of a chilled spoon on each lid for a minute or two.
  5. Solution: ToothbrushInstead of tossing them out, reuse toothbrushes as hair-dye applicators to cover up gray roots.
  6. Solution: MatchboxUse the rough side of the box to file and shape the edges of your nails.
  7. Skip the salon! Follow these simple steps for nails that look as polished as a professional manicure.