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  1. Crown molding is an easy way to give your room a polished appeal. With so many products to choose from, installing crown molding is easy and can be less expensive than you think. Solid wood is the traditional choice for crown molding, but installation can get tricky if you don’t have the proper tools and instructions. There are a few easier and cheaper alternatives, such as plastic and foam crown molding. Research your options and decide which material is best for your home and budget.
  2. If you’re getting bored with the neutral color of your walls and need something to add a bit of interest, use a wall stencil. Add an interesting stencil design over the sofa or mantel to bring some depth and color to your walls. Make sure you keep your original paint color on hand in case you need to paint over the stencil.How to add a wall stencil.
  3. With a few coats of paint and some new fabric, you can update a side chair in one afternoon with a few easy options. If you want to give your chair a rustic look, use sandpaper to distress the edges and sides. If you prefer a polished look, choose a high-gloss spray paint and use several coats to ensure an even finish. If you love the current color and want to update the fabric, take a trip to your local fabric store and find a modern pattern to re-cover your seat cushion.
  4. Give your bureau a makeover with an artistic touch. Add a floral motif, or use a stencil to get an exact design. Finish off your new piece of furniture with some updated drawer pulls.  How to add art to your dresser.
  5. Mirrors are a great way to give a room the illusion of more space. If your mirror is going unnoticed in a plain gold frame, spice things up with an unexpected color. Pick a color that is used elsewhere in your room, or a color that complements your current décor. If your mirror has a slender frame, pick a bold color without fear of overpowering the space.How to makeover your mirror.
  6. A simple accent like this ribbon tassel is an easy way to give a room personality. Use leftover ribbons pulled from other colors in the room to help tie everything together. This is an easy way to give your room a unique touch.
  7. No need to buy an expensive area rug when you can assemble your own. You can easily find smaller and inexpensive rugs and stitch them together with silk cording or use heavy-duty industrial tape along the seam underneath. Place the rug underneath a coffee table and no one will ever know the difference. 
  8. If you’re tired of looking at the same beige couch and buying new furniture isn’t an option, the best way to freshen up a room is by moving a few items. Sometimes all a room needs are a few simple changes to update the look and add interest. While you’re at it, add a new bright pillow or throw for a splash of color.
  9. The best way to add a pop of color to a room without committing to the hue is to use brightly colored flowers. There’s no need to buy an expensive floral arrangement either. Simply gather some tinted glass jars and place a few colorful flower stems in each. Use jars of varying heights to create interest and depth.
  10. If your current coffee table is covered in water rings, stains, knicks and scratches, a new coat of paint will cover those flaws beautifully. Choose a bright hue, like this orange tabletop, to add a splash of color to a plain living room.
  11. New lamps can be expensive to replace, but spray paint can easily give your lamp base a new look without splurging on a new one. It's important to keep the spray paint away from anything electrical, so make sure you use painter’s tape to cover the electrical cord and the head of the lamp.USE: Krylon H20 Latex spray paint for minimal fumes and an eco-friendly option that contributes 55 percent less smog than solvent-based spray paints.
  12. We love these paper lanterns from IKEA―starting at only $4! Although they only come in white, applying a quick coat of spray paint can easily add a burst of color in any room. Purchase several sizes and use different colors to create a vivid arrangement.USE: An indoor semi-transparent spray paint like Krylon Acrylic Crystal Color. This will give the paper lantern an opaque stain-like finish and you will only need to apply one light and even coat.