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  1. After a few years of life outdoors, most wooden and metal furniture will be covered in water stains and rust. If your outdoor furniture has seen better days, a bright coat of paint will cover up those imperfections and have it looking like new.USE: To prevent further rust, use this Krylon Rust Tough® Primer before applying your color coat. 
  2. Terracotta pots are inexpensive containers for beautiful blooms. Add even more brightness to the mix by giving those rust-orange pots a new hue. For a beautiful look, pick a paint color that complements your flower. USE: For this project, try using Krylon Indoor/Outdoor spray paint. It comes in a variety of colors and has a soft glossy finish.
  3. If you yearn for a specific candle color,  but unfortunately have little luck finding that hue, you can easily buy plain white candles and spray paint the sides to achieve your desired color. Make sure to choose a candle with a wide base and a flat surface on top.
  4. Collect items from nature to craft together a display for any part of your home. Pinecones can be gathered for a festive centerpiece. Give them a light coat of golden metallic spray paint for a beautiful shimmer on your tabletop. Branches and vines can also be gathered right from your backyard and arranged in a vase for display. One coat will be sufficient for the shimmering look you desire. USE: Krylon Metallics has a variety of metallic finishes to choose from for your project. 
  5. Transform your outdated brass hardware into new fixtures with some modern shine. Hardware is expensive to replace, so this is an inexpensive alternative to give your kitchen cabinets a modern look. It’s best to stick with neutral or metallic colors for this project like black, brown, silver or gold.USE: Always use a primer for cabinet hardware. For the best long-lasting results, use an oil-based primer and an oil-based paint. Try a hammered finish spray paint, like this one from Rust-Oleum, for a textured finish.
  6. Give your tabletop serving tray a new look. Choose a funky color like teal or sunshine yellow for a modern twist on your table. Also, many aluminum platters can easily be faked for the real thing.
  7. Always use spray paint outside.Use slow even strokes and remember to be patient. For an even finish, you will need to make several coats and give plenty of time inbetween to dry.Check the weather forecast to make sure there are no rain showers expected. If the weather is compromising your plans, spray paint your items on a canvas cloth, and carefully drag the cloth to a covered area.Give items plenty of time to dry outdoors to make sure the fumes from the spray paint have plenty of time to air out.
  8. Don't get fooled into believing that formal pieces are more pricey. A versatile set of plain white dishes can be inexpensive. Or look for bargain styles that are a bit more festive, like these plates, which are adorned with a delicate vine pattern in gold.
  9. If you're using only one goblet at each setting, position it just above the tip of the knife. If you're using both a water and a wine goblet, place the water goblet above the knife and the wineglass above the spoon.
  10. Place a selection on the table to provide light at various heights. Here, the thin tapers and low votives don't block cross-table conversation.
  11. You might be tempted to lay out all your flatware to make the table look more elegant; instead, avoid clutter and omit pieces that won't be used. For instance, lay out the soup spoon only if you're serving a soup course.
  12. Ivory napkins pair well with white dishware and can be used with any color tablecloth.
  13. Use a long, lace cloth that extends to the floor, hiding the legs. Layer a colorful solid on top. Try this: Wrap the backs of your chairs with coordinating ribbon to pull the look together.
  14. A take-home gift for guests is always a nice gesture, especially during the holiday season. It can be as simple as a single piece of fudge or a small framed photo. The gift tag doubles as a place card.