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  1. Michelle, our staff writer, has expensive taste, but reigns it in with her smart shopping strategies. Watch as she explains how she bought this chair for $5 at a local yard sale and had it upholstered, saving hundreds in the process.
  2. Jill, founder of Super-Couponing workshops, tells her shopping strategy for saving at least 50% at the grocery store. Watch as she explains how she paired coupons with in-store promotions and bought ten jars of pasta sauce (regularly priced at $2.29) for 70¢ each!
  3. Innovative strategies for savings at checkout are nothing new; just ask your grandmother about S&H green stamps. But with this list you can cherry-pick the best of the best shopping apps, and get just what you want without spending a lot.
  4. Why bother holding on to more cash if you're not going to manage it wisely? Whether you're saving for something special or socking away money for retirement—or simply making sure the bills are paid with a bit left over—these apps can help you plan and meet your goals.