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  1. Cost per serving: $3.70These hearty ribs will keep guests full all night long, no bones about it!See recipe: Bucket o' Bones
  2. Give guests a fright with a blood-red brew complete with floating skull.See recipe: Ghoul-Aid Punch
  3. Dress up your spooky Halloween table with this fun garnish.See recipe: Olive Spiders
  4. These bite-sized, Halloween-inspired recipes are much more festive than classic finger foods but just as easy to eat.
  5. Cost per serving: 40¢ This kid-friendly recipe dresses up a fall comfort food favorite. The cornbread tastes best the day it's made, but you can toast the leftovers the next day for a savory snack. See recipe: Cornbread Ghosts
  6. Cost per serving: $1.67These easy-to-make breadsticks are great for parties where you're serving mostly finger foods.See recipe: Prosciutto-Wrapped Breadsticks
  7. Cost per serving: $1.62To keep things simple, pipe the savory cheese dip onto your favorite raw vegetables. Use a pastry bag with a tip to make it look professional.See recipe: Herbed Cheese Dip with Crudités
  8. Cost per serving: $1.60Transform a traditional lettuce-and-tomato salad with a fun Halloween twist.See recipe: Stake-in-the-Heart Salad
  9. Cost per serving: 91¢You won't need to knife and fork this take on polenta.See recipe: Pumpkin Polenta Pumpkins 
  10. Cost per serving: 99¢ These eyeballs make great bite-size appetizers.See recipe: Skewered Eyeballs
  11. Cost per serving: 36¢These easy puff-pastry cocktail franks freeze well and can be prepared in advance of the party.See recipe: Witches' Fingers in Bandages
  12. Cost per serving: 82¢Mild goat cheese, smooth cream cheese and pesto all come together in these dreadfully delicious cheese balls.See recipe: Bat Bites
  13. Great for adding a little creepy touch to your Halloween party, these olive spiders are also a delicious bite sized snack.See recipe: Olive Spiders
  14. Cost per serving: $1.81Get creative with your presentation and use navel oranges as salad bowls.See recipe: Mesclun Meanies