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  1. For a cheap way to add light and ambiance, invest in votives ($10, Mikasa.com). During the daytime, a well-designed votive doubles as an accent piece.
  2. A cute ceramic creature or two ($20, Kohls) can add charm to an otherwise stiff living space. But keep the count to one or two—you don't want people thinking you're a hoarder!
  3. Whether you use it to serve drinks or as a surfface for books, a simple tray can add sophistication to your rooms.
  4. Nothing welcomes guest more than chic, country-inspired decor. Try throwing a few country pillows around your room for a more rustic look.
  5. For somethng a little more glam (and slightly gothic), purchase a super cheep chandelier to hang over the dining room table or in the living room.
  6. Make any space feel more like home with the addition of a simple mug or vase ($19, target.com).
  7. In your bathroom, match all the little nick-naks to create a cohesive feeling.
  8. You don't need real plants to create a nature-inspired area. Select fabrics with flower apliques or patterns to bring nature inside.
  9. Add some decor and storage to an entryway or child's bedroom with whimsical hooks.
  10. Even if you don't enjoy teatime, an antique kettle can add charm to a kitchen or dining room.
  11. A bright, flower-filled doormat will instantly make your guests feel happy and welcome.
  12. If you long for a quiet spot to put your ideas down on paper, write a note or pay the bills uninterrupted, try this arrangement. You don't need an entire room; just one wall.
  13. Use a floating shelf for extra storage or for displaying items that have special significance to you.(Orna-Mantel Shelf, $32 at stacksandstacks.com)