Behind the Scenes of ALL YOU's Beauty Closet

We check in with ALL YOU's Beauty Assistant, Chelsea Burns, for a behind-the-scenes look at the beauty closet!

all you magazine beauty closet

What happens in the beauty closet?
Companies send us products if it's part of a new launch or they think the product will be a good fit for whatever season we're approaching. As things get in, we'll lay it all out so Ilana, our beauty director, and Holly, our assistant beauty editor, can take a look at them. By doing this, we can see if it sparks any ideas, if we see any trends going on and just to see what's on the market. Then Caroline, our lovely intern, will file the product in its designated place based on what it is. The different categories include hair and body, skincare, makeup and so on. If we have any last-minute stories or we need to replace a product in another, we can come in here and go to whatever category we're looking for and find what we need.

What beauty trends will we be seeing this fall?
A lot of products showing up right now have gold in them, like gold flakes or shimmery tones. We're also doing a story about metallic polishes for fall. And oils in general — those are big now as people are replacing their lotions with oils. They feel a little more luxurious, and they're also better to moisturize in the winter. Another upcoming trend is non-permanent hair color, like doing a fun pink or purple strand in your hair with home DIY products.

What the busiest time for the beauty closet?
Beauty awards are for sure a busy time. When get ready for the issue, we do a mass call-out to all of our contacts. We get sent everything from a razor to a foot cream to an eye primer to hair tools. This year we probably got about 1,000 products between the ALL YOU and Health magazine beauty award issues. Holly and Ilana go through the inventory and narrow it down to three per category, which we then send out to testers, and our staff tests them as well. It can get crazy!

How do you find product testers?
We used to send out a mass email to all of our newsletter subscribers to apply to be a tester. But in the future going forward, we'll mostly go through Reality Checker Central and have a call-out for people to sign up.

What happens to all the products when you're done?
We clear out the closet about four times a year and get rid of any older launches so we only have the newest stuff in here. We don't reuse a product twice in any of the issues, and we don't like to repeat ourselves. We host a beauty sale for the staff to come in and pick out a few products. All the money from those sales goes toward a charity.