Behind the Scenes of ALL YOU's Fashion Closet

We check in with ALL YOU's Senior Style Editor, Dwyer Frame, for a behind-the-scenes look at the fashion closet!

all you magazine fashion closet

What happens in the fashion closet?
In the fashion closet, we're typically working four to five months before a fashion story comes out. We call all of our brands we're interested in featuring to bring in products, and they all come in here. Then somebody needs to check in the boxes and boxes and boxes of clothes — they easily take over the entire wall! The editor goes in and picks what we want to feature from there. Once an item is picked, it's taken out to shoot. Then it comes back here, and everything needs to be returned.

What else is housed here (other than clothes)?
We keep a lot of body shapers for our Real Women stories. We also have a fashion toolkit we bring with us to photo shoots with things like static guard, toupee tape that we use as double-stick tape, and various little sewing emergency things.

What are the most challenging fashion stories to work on?
The busiest or the hardest stories to work on are Real Women shoots. When we shoot a regular model, we use sample sizes, which all brands have on hand. When we shoot for real women, we range from 0 to plus-size. If it's August and we're working on a story for December, the companies only have one or two dresses available for winter, so we have to find one that fits a non-sample size person, which can be challenging. Even then, sometimes you can find the right size for the model, and it's just not going to look good on her. Then, we have to scramble to find something else to fit. Other stories that are hard are the winter coat and swimsuit stories. Let's face it — swimsuits are hard for everybody.

What's the hardest part about maintaining the fashion closet?
When jewelry comes in, we put it all on display trays, and we have to photocopy everything. Every piece has to stay accounted for. It's a lot of work for the interns, and it's their main job to maintain the closet. Every little stud earring is accounted for — there's a lot of detail and organization involved.

What's something most people don't know about the fashion closet?
The UPS delivery people who drop things off for us think we get to keep everything. But everything goes back. We don't keep anything!