Quick Chat with ALL YOU's Food Director, Beth Lipton

What's it like working at ALL YOU? Get a behind-the-scenes peek!

beth headshot

Can you describe your typical day? What do you do, and what are you responsible for?
I'm responsible for coming up with the story ideas for our food coverage. I pitch them to our editor for approval, and once the ideas are approved, I assign them recipe developers and then recipe testers. Then we schedule a photo shoot with a stylist to take photos of the food, and at the shoot I help answer questions and set up the shots. Afterwards, I write supporting copy for the recipes, as well as culinary sections of other stories and occasionally do video segments for allyou.com.

What's your favorite money-saving food tip?
Use up what you have! So much food gets wasted, and there's no need. If it's fruit, freeze it or make smoothies. If it's vegetables, make soup or mix them into a pasta dish or frittata. Sometimes my husband and I will graze through the fridge and snack on all the odds and ends for dinner, instead of making a dish.

It's 6pm on a weeknight and you need dinner on the table in 30 minutes. What's your go-to recipe?
Eggs. I'll mix vegetables into a frittata, or scramble eggs with cheese, or fry them and serve them on toast with some mashed avocado.

What do you love most about working at ALL YOU?
The people—both the staff and the readers. We have an amazing group of people working here—everyone is so intelligent, creative, and generous. I literally learn new things from my colleagues every day. And the readers are so engaged and smart. And it's fun! I get to think about food all day. What a gift!