Quick Chat with ALL YOU's Style Director, Carole Nicksin

What's it like working at ALL YOU? Get a behind-the-scenes peek!

headshot of carole

Describe your typical day. What do you do, and what are you responsible for?
I oversee home, fashion, crafts, and a little bit of this and that. I also edit our special issues. What makes my job so great is that every day is a little bit different. One day, I might be at my desk, editing stories, planning upcoming issues, and looking at layouts. The next day might find me at a photo shoot. Last week, for instance, we were shooting jeans on real women. Next week, we’ll be shooting crafts as possible covers.

How would you describe your style? 
I like to mix classic pieces with things that are more contemporary and trendy. But first and foremost, I’m a bargain-hunter! I head to the sale rack and will scoop up anything that’s a good buy. I hate paying full price! 

What's your favorite money-saving shopping tip? 
I sign up for emails from my favorite stores so that I know when they’re having a one-day, 40 percent off sale. I always carry my recent receipts in my wallet in case something I bought gets a further markdown—then I ask for a price adjustment.

What do you love most about working at ALL YOU? 
So many things! I’m lucky enough to have a job that is fun. It’s hard work, and sure, there’s some stress. But who could complain about thinking about fashion and decorating and crafts and words all day? And what makes working at All You extra special is the connection we have with our readers. When I get an email from a reader saying that she tried a craft at home, or she bought a swimsuit we recommended, it really makes it all worthwhile.