Quick Chat with ALL YOU's Senior Style Editor, Dwyer Frame

What's it like working at ALL YOU? Get a behind-the-scenes peek!

dwyer frame headshot

What do you do, and what are you responsible for?
I cover the home and fashion sections of the magazine. Becase we work on issues up to xi months before they comes out, we need to figure out what people will be talking about half a year from now! So to come up with story ideas, I go to meetings with vendors and stores, scour the internet (Pinterest!), go to conventions and talk to experts on what they think will be big. (This fall, cobalt blue will be hot!) From there, we put story ideas together, then call in samples, cast models and schedule photo shoots. The decorating shoots, in particular, can be quite grueling because we have to unpack all the items for a room, put the items together, paint the walls, make them look good, photograph them, paint the walls back, then pack it all up—all in 10 hours! It's a lot of work, but you get a great sense of accomplishment after the shoots are done, and even more when our readers really like what we've done.

How would you describe your style?
I'd say my style is classic. I just love a clean, crisp look. In the summer, my go-to outfit is a nice-fitting dress. My home style is pretty traditional with a strong influence on all things nautical. My dream is to one day live on the beach!

What's your favorite money-saving shopping tip?
I'm constantly scouring the clearance section of websites for great gifts. If I see a something heavily discounted, I buy it and store it in a bin. When a celebration or occasion arises, I always have something on hand to give. For groceries, I always plan ahead. I check and see what is on sale and then plot out what items I actually need that week and pick the stores that can offer me the best deals.

What do you love most about working at ALL YOU?
It's really cool to see what is going to be on trend for a few months down the road, and tell people what to buy. I love when I find a great new product or tip that has changed my life, and then I can share it to all the readers and hopefully make their day a little better.