Quick Chat with ALL YOU's Editorial Assistant, Jessie Van Amburg

What's it like working at ALL YOU? Get a behind-the-scenes peek!

jessie vanamburg headshot

Walk us through a typical day at ALL YOU.
Every day is always different, which is part of what makes this job so interesting. I do everything from researching for editors on their upcoming stories, interviewing candidates for our "My Hero" page, writing up contracts for freelancers, and putting together segments for Nina Willdorf's appearances on the TODAY show. I also get to contribute to the blog, edit a few columns for the magazine And even write for the magazine.

What's your favorite money-saving shopping tip?
This one has saved me so much on online shopping: Before you check out, open up a new tab and search for coupon codes for that particular retailer. I've managed to get free shipping on flowers for my mom (which usually goes for nearly $20!), half-off an otherwise expensive bridesmaid dress, etc.  

What do you love most about your job?
Two things: Being directly involved in making the magazine from month to month. I don't just fetch coffee and answer phones, but rather am an essential part of the magazine's team and daily operations. And secondly, I love working with such fun and creative people on a daily basis. 

What would you want readers to know about life behind the scenes at ALL YOU?
We're all pretty good friends! It's such a warm, open environment, and we all work well together and care about each other a lot.