Quick Chat with ALL YOU's Associate Food Editor, Julia Warren

What's it like working at ALL YOU? Get a behind-the-scenes peek!

julia warren headshot
On a typical day, what do you do, and what are you responsible for?
I edit recipes for upcoming issues, assign new recipe ideas to developers, and send new recipes to be tested (lots of moving recipe parts!). I also calculate the nutrition and cost of each recipe, write blog posts, and manage the food giveaways on the blog. I'm responsible for the Leftovers and Readers Recipes sections in the magazine, so I do research on different leftover food items and email readers to find out more about the recipes they submit. (Submit your recipe here for a chance to be in the magazine!)
How would you describe ALL YOU's approach to food? 
We approach food by using recipes you would be proud to serve your friends and family, without breaking the bank or slaving all day in the kitchen. We strive for balance.
What's your favorite recipe from the magazine?
I LOVE Asian food (of all types), so these meatballs really do the trick.

What do you love most about working at ALL YOU?
This is my dream job that I've been trying to attain for a long time, so I'm glad I'm finally here. Plus, everyone on the staff is very welcoming, collaborative and super smart. It doesn't hurt either that I get to think about food all day, every day and someone is willing to pay me for it!