Quick Chat with ALL YOU's Social Media Editor, Kathleen Mulpeter

What's it like working at ALL YOU? Get a behind-the-scenes peek!

kathleen mulpeter headshot

Describe your typical day. What do you do, and what are you responsible for?
Every day when I wake up, I check our Facebook page to see what happened the night before. We have 1.2 million fans, so it's where most of our readers are interacting, and it's always a great feeling if one of our posts went viral while I was sleeping! Once I get to work, I read money-saving blogs (a few of my personal favorites: bargainbabe.com, thebudgetfashionista.com and livingwellandspendingless.com) and catch up on Twitter. Then, I head over to Reality Checker Central, our brand-new social influencer platform where we share freebies, deals and editorial content like polls and mood boards. And throughout the day, of course, I post on social media! I try to mix up what we're posting—a combination of old favorites (like 45 Uses for Vinegar, one of our most popular stories ever) and brand new posts from our blog.

How would you describe the ALL YOU's approach to social media? 
ALL YOU readers are super savvy, so when it comes to social media, we really want to involve them in everything. The majority of stories we share on social are built around readers, from our popular reader recipes to roundups of their best beauty tips. And we always want to give readers the opportunity to tell us what they really think, whether that's asking an open-ended question or hosting a Twitter chat or Facebook party so they can share their tips. 

What's your favorite money-saving shopping tip?
One of my favorite money-saving bloggers, Living Well and Spending Less, has a post called "The 40 Hanger Closet" which has been inspiring me lately. While I haven't pared down my wardrobe to just 40 hangers like she suggests yet (although I'm trying! I just sent in a big bag of clothes to thredUP.com, an amazing consignment website, and my closet feels roomier already), I think the message is really important: It's not about having lots of stuff, but having a few things you really love and use all the time. But, I still want to save on the items I do buy, so I use a site called shopittome.com. I tell them an item I'm interested in purchasing (right now, for example, I'm hunting for black jeans) and they show me pairs from my favorite brands that are on sale. 

What do you love most about working at ALL YOU?
I love how engaged (and generally awesome!) our readers are. When it comes to working in social media, it makes a big difference if you work on a brand where the readers really care about the content you're posting—and that couldn't be any more true here at ALL YOU. Our readers always have opinions about the stories we post on social media, and I love that they're willing to share them with us, whether good or bad. I truly learn so much from them!