Quick Chat with ALL YOU's Editor in Chief, Nina Willdorf

What's it like working at ALL YOU? Get a behind-the-scenes peek!

nina willdorf headshot

How long have you worked at ALL YOU?
I’ve been at ALL YOU for nearly two years. It’s actually hard to believe it’s only been two years; it feels as though the brand has always been part of my DNA.

Can you walk me through your typical workday?
Ha! There is no such thing. So I’ll just use today as an example of how eclectic—and fun!—it can be. I started my day at the TODAY Show, talking about how you can score freebies (from movie tickets to facials) with Kathie Lee and Hoda. It was based on an amazing story in our May 2014 issue, and can be found here. Once I got into the office at around 11am, I read and edited some stories. (What makes people happiest around the country? Great new tailgating products, etc). I then worked with our Senior Editor who handles style coverage to see if she could find items that were cheaper but still as cute and awesome (I’m like a broken record; always seeing how low we can go!). A big part of my day was spent thinking about our July cover – how to make it fly off of the newsstand. I worked with the Art Director on a series of layouts for the August issue. And here I am, at 7pm, a little later than usual, trying to see if I can make it home in time to tuck my two kids into bed.

Now tell me about your perfect weekend day.
I have a 2.5 year old and a 5 year old, so it’s generally a lot of playground time, bike riding, grocery shopping, and errand running. We spend a crazy amount of time in pursuit of yummy coffee. Throw in a delicious dinner and cocktail at 7-ish with my husband and there you have it.

What do you think sets All You apart as a brand and a publication?
Two key things: 1. Our readers basically run the place. We listen to our readers and care deeply about what they think – so much so that we build our stories around them, instead of just including reader tips in stories we’re already planning. 2. We are 100% dedicated to value. Every page, every idea is built with value in mind. You never have to wonder if something in our page is a good deal. We’ve done that work for you.

What's your favorite money-saving tip?
With two kids, I’m constantly cleaning out closets and finding stuff that doesn’t fit them anymore. Right now, I’m having great success selling bags of clothes on Thredup.com (for them) and Threadflip.com (for me). Then, I use the credits to buy new items on the websites, which I do through Ebates. So I score cash back at the same time. At this point, I have $100 worth of credit on Thredup and $117 and Threadflip. Whatever I buy, I’ll get 15 percent cash back through Ebates. My head is practically exploding with the possibilities.

What do you love most about working at ALL YOU?
It sounds cheesy but it’s true; the readers make my day. When I get letters, I share them with the whole staff, and it’s like we’ve all taken a happy pill. I also love collaborating with such an awesome group of people, who bring such passion and enthusiasm to work every day. I feel blessed to get to produce this magazine for such a dedicated set of readers who truly care about making their lives fulfilling.