Quick Chat with ALL YOU's Director of Digital Content, Rachel DeSchepper

What's it like working at ALL YOU? Get a behind-the-scenes peek!

rachel headshot

Tell us about your job!
Basically, I oversee anything that goes up online for ALL YOU: all our stories, articles and blog posts, along with our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages. I also work on special projects, like Grocery Deal Finder, America's Smartest Shopper program and Reality Checker Central. Every day, I get to work with incredible editors, bloggers and writers—and best of all, readers—to create a website that our audience can really use and get valuable information from. It's a great job!

What is special abut working at ALL YOU?
We are all about sharing ideas on our site that are from our readers! We really listen to them on Facebook, Reality Checker Central and other social media outlets, and we integrate their best advice into our stories. We create recipes that are for families (easy and quick!), we write about fashion that is for real women (we don't use models!) and we always always have budget in mind. We know that our readers really use ALLYOU.com for our great deals and information, rather than just visit us.

Tell us about how magazines and their websites work together.
I started working in digital in 2008. Back then, the sites were just starting to create original content outside of the magazine, but were still mostly a landing page for subscribers to update their mailing address and renew subscriptions. We weren't even on Facebook yet. (In fact, I remember the exact day I started my first magazine's Facebook page. We had no idea what it was going to turn into!) Now, magazines' websites have so much more than just republished magazine content. We have tools, blogs, original columns, guest writers, newsletters and more. In my opinion, the best websites take the voice and mission of the print magazine and augment it for an entirely new audience.

What websites do you go to every day?
Obviously, I'm always on Facebook and Pinterest. (Who isn't?) But I also have a very active Feedly account; the amount of blogs I check daily seems endless! Highlights include: Gothamist and Vulture for my New York and pop-culture fix; Krazy Coupon Lady and Money Saving Mom for great savings tips; Young House Love for decorating and DIY inspiration; Mashable and TechCrunch for my nerdy side. To some of my friends' surprise, though, I still read The New York Times in print!

Why do you love about working for ALL YOU?
There is never a day that's the same. Some days I am working closely with our developers on a cool new tool for the site and looking at new newsletter designs; other days I'm editing blog posts from our amazing contributors and brainstorming with the team on new, exciting projects. But every day I get to interact and hear great ideas and tips from our readers, who really are the best. They're smart, engaged and super-savvy. I love that I can help them a little to make their lives easier, for less!