Why Women Love ALL YOU

Find out why women love All You, the magazine that pays for itself!

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From jasyjen in Jacksonville, NC: "The articles in All You magazine are written for everyday women. You'll find tips on how to save money, organize your home and decorate on a budget that are all easy to follow. Making life easy is the theme throughout each issue. I love this magazine!"

From TMack48 in Pekin, IL: "All You is LOADED with coupons! And when I say coupons, I'm not talking about 'junk' coupons... I'm talking about really good coupons for stuff that you'll use every day! The money I will save just by using the coupons I have collected out of only the first issue of All You will more than pay for my entire year's subscription. Now that's a GREAT BARGAIN!"

From PTheisler in Youngstown, OH: "I have read and subscribed to many, many magazines. Allure, Woman's Day, Martha Stewart, Body & Soul, Entertainment, and now All You. I can honestly say I love this magazine the most. It has articles on organizing, cleaning, cooking, shopping and coupons. Did I say coupons? I meant COUPONS. And although the coupons don't all pertain to me, I pass my magazines onto my daughter (who is expecting) and she passes them to her aunt and she passes it to my other sister. So heaven knows what is left of the magazine after that. But I would say I get my money's worth out of it. I sit down the minute I get it and check out each and every coupon that is included. Then I read the magazine. And then I go back and clip out the coupons that I want and need. This magazine is definitely a need for someone trying to cut their costs at the store."

From dawna0123 in SmallTown, TX: "When I first became aware of this magazine, I was hooked from the very first day! I am a coupon fanatic. I believe if I can save money on items I use everyday anyway, I should utilize that to the best of my ability. Coupons are an easy, economical way for me to trim my monthly budget. There are so many coupons in this magazine. Besides the coupons though, there are many other ideas to explore. Tips and stories and recipes all abound."

From MommaHunt in Cumming, GA: "I first received All You magazine from my mom, with whom I trade magazines back and forth in an effort to save some money. After cutting out so many coupons from this magazine, I felt guilty and had to buy my own $12 annual subscripton. To date, I can tell you that I have saved well over that $12 subscription cost and then some! There are countless high value coupons and even some freebies hidden within the wonderful pages of this woman-friendly magaine. Beside the coupons, I honestly enjoy reading the real life articles. It is actually nice to see 'average' sized models and great tips from 'average' people!"

From CountryMama in Junction City, OR: "I simply love this magazine. All You has helped me organize my family, find great new recipes to try with my kids and has saved me money with the wonderful coupons inside the magazine. Great tips on health, relationship advice and the latest products coming to the market. And one more thing; I love the puzzles at the end of every magazine."

From GadgetsRI in Midlothian, VA: "I love this magazine. It's loaded with practical tips and advice, whether ifor beauty secrets, shopping, fashion, organizing and much more. This is a woman's magazine, but there are lots and lots of coupons, many of which are higher in value than the usual Sunday coupon inserts."

From marginy in Johnson City, NY: "I picked up this magazine while standing in line at Walmart. It looked very interesting so I purchased it. Boy am I happy I did. I LOVE this magazine. Not only for the tremendous amount of coupons that are in every issue but the down to earth stories about real people. I now look for every issue. I even bought a subscription for a friend and she says it was the best gift she got!"

From track5 in Newmarket, NH: "I am a working mom on a budget that tries to do everything I can to stick to it. This is a great magazine to not only educate yourself about running an efficient and happy household, but it is also chock-full of coupons! I can fly through the magazine in an evening or two and then I clip the coupons I would use and hand it off to my mom for her to enjoy. I'm not very talented with crafts and cooking and don't have a lot of spare time, but enjoy doing it. This magazine gives great ideas that are DOABLE with items you mostly already have on hand, which I find priceless."

From c-lambert2 in Green Bay, WI: "All You magazine was recently introduced to me by a friend and I couldn't be more thankful.  This is a magazine that actually has the potential to pay you for reading it. Besides all the money-saving coupons, it is full of useful information about saving money, beauty tips, ideas for your home, health and wellness, gift ideas, fashion advice, product reviews...the list goes on. I am not a big magazine reader, but All You has changed my mind. It is totally worth the cost and you won't be disappointed."