How to Display Christmas Ornaments

Looking for a fun way to display festive ornaments? Hang them from this homemade Christmas decoration made with yarn.

An easy homemade christmas decoration

Stuff You Have:

  • Measuring stick
  • Chalk
  • Level
  • Hammer
  • Washcloth
  • Scissors
  • Snowflake ornament
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Wire cutters
  • ​Needle-nose plier
  • Ornaments

Stuff You Need: 


  1. Draw a 24" vertical line with chalk. Measure 4½" from bottom of line and draw a 17½" perpendicular line (think: an upside-down cross). Draw lines from top of vertical line down to each end of horizontal line, forming a triangle. Measure 7" in from each end of horizontal line and make a mark; measure 4½" down from each of those and make a mark. (Now you’ve got an outline of the tree, with a trunk at the bottom.)

  2. Starting at top of tree, measure 3¼" down the slanted side of triangle; make a mark. Continuing from that mark, measure 3¾" down same side and make another mark. Continue down, making two more marks, each 3¾" apart (for a total of four marks). Repeat on other side. Use a level to be sure marks on the sides align.

  3. Hammer a nail into each of the 15 marks (drive it only about ½" into wall, until it feels secure). Wipe away chalk lines with a damp washcloth. Working with a ball of yarn, tie a knot around top nail, leaving a 3" tail. Wrap yarn around next nail down, then the next—working down, across, then up—until you’ve outlined tree. Keep yarn close to heads of nails. Finish by wrapping yarn around top nail, then tying it to tail. Trim excess.

  4. Create horizontal lines: Tie yarn to top nail on tree’s “slanted” side and extend across to corresponding nail on other side; wrap yarn around nail and knot. (Make sure yarn is taut so it doesn’t sag when you hang ornaments.) Repeat on remaining pairs of nails.

  5. Choose a snowflake or star ornament for the topper and attach to top nail with hot glue. Secure a button to each remaining nail with glue. Snip 2" pieces of wire and bend into S-shapes to make ornament hangers. Place ornaments on tree.