Holiday Shopping Deals and Tips

From Black Friday through the post-holiday sales, be sure you always find the best deals with our insider tips and shopping strategies.

4 Blogs to Follow for Black Friday Deals

Follow these websites to get Black Friday news and deals

Black Friday Blogs

For up-to-the-second bulletins on holiday deals and discounts, be sure to bookmark these websites.

  • Visit to create a bargain-hunting itinerary.
    Use the posted timetable featuring which Black Friday sales happen when. Last year, leaked ads were posted as early as Oct. 11 for stores including Walmart, Rite Aid and Sam's Club. The site also sends out a daily e-mail alert that aggregates the best bargains found online.
  • Head to for 24/7 updates. 
    Many of the site's nearly 100 staff members and deal hunters keep their eyes peeled around the clock and post more than 500 Black Friday bargains per day. You can find discounts at major retailers on toys, televisions and more, as well as airfares and rooms at resorts.
  • Use to search for sale items by store, product category, price range and brand. 
    Just enter your parameters on the site's Black Friday Deal Finder to locate exactly what you want. Plus, you may get cash back with items purchased through this site, since it shares any commissions it makes from most retailers.
  • For deals on electronics, bookmark 
    The site is a great bet if you're in the market for laptops, phones, video-game consoles and other gadgets.